Snarling wolves approach and disappear

I know there’s been an issue with mobs that if your village/town is a fortress where no enemy can enter, mobs run toward your fortress door and disappear.

This time I have no walls around my village and two goblin raider wolves approached. I guess they were on a running trip only, because they just ran trough my village and disappeared.

What is this about?

Maybe where they began from was a long trip, and if that is the case; they will despawn. Enemies, certain ones despawn after a while. I have had this happen before plenty of times with the undead, due to how slow they are coming from their crypt. That and I effectively had only one entrance that any enemy could enter from.

If was not the case, then I don’t think that should happen that quick; after all those are pretty fast runners.

The only way to know which case it is, is to know where they initially spawned at.

That’s a screenshot. It’s rather close.

Is that where you spotted they before disappearing or where they actually initially spawned?

Could be different from where they started and the reason why I asked. Yeah from that distance they shouldn’t despawn if they were gunning it from the beginning. Sometimes the camps or raids will stay put for a moment before heading out. Makes me wonder what happened then…

Hmm. I guess that stays as a mystery.
Let’s just say that they spawned really far away and disappeared after their max range.

I really have no idea where they spawned as the map is pretty much covered in “fog of war”.

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yeah, that is why I thought it would be tricky. I myself don’t usually catch where things initially spawn often enough, but in the recent alphas they have been spawning in a select few locations… So easy for myself to know where they did.

They don’t usually spawn in the FOG, at least in my experience, unless it is a camp; and when that happened in the prior A17 build I think 3002 it was a camp of kobolds and the small circle around their camp unveiled the fog, even though I have not been there yet. Then again I had no worries because that camp spawned in a spot in which they could not get to me.

If the area discovered is small(NON-FOG territory), then yes it would be possible for enemies to spawn within it.

I don’t usually see the last bit happening, because in the beginning of every map I play I unveil a large portion of the FOG all around me… I do it by moving certain items to my town, like the silkweed, bushes, and other plants, as well selective tree cutting. I like to give large areas in which enemies could spawn.

If any of that has changed recently, I have no clue, but from what I can tell the system for spawning has changed little; and mainly has had a few tweaks and bug fixes.

One thing is for certain if this is a constant thing then yeah, I see that as a problem… Things should be despawning that quick all the time. However as long as you still get fights, I believe it is fine; still something to keep an eye out for. :slight_smile:

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Same thing happened to me today. I received few messages about goblin wolves coming soon so I waited. They came near my town, stayed in their camp and when the wolves rushed my town they just went through it without stopping and disappeared right after. One wolf also ran in the mountain and disappeared.

Weird thing…

Had any of you killed already the goblin mini-boss (first camp)?

I had this “Snarling Wolves approach” message when the wolfs of the second goblin camp escaped on their own (they run and then disappear).
So this might be not a bug, just part of that campaign.