Wolves appear, but don't attack my village

I get a message that raiding wolves appear, but they don’t attack me, they just standing still (with no idle animation). I have wood fence with a gate around my village.
It looks like they can’t find a way inside my village.

If i attack them, they don’t counter my attacks, just stand idle (turn to the attacker) and die after some hits (haha, easy targets!)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. load save game (direct after loading a raiding message should appear)
  2. see the idling wolves
  3. Attack them without getting striked back!
  1. build wood fences with wood gates around your base and the enemy spawning location.

Expected Results:
I expect that the wolves came and attack me somehow. Maybe destroy the wood fence, jumping over it (this sounds like an unfair gamemechanic) or walk around and find a other exit. Idling (with no animation) is the worest possible result.

Actual Results:
They don’t move.

Other wolves in the area around them are in the same “state”.


ui_promotion_crash.zip (7.7 MB)

additional: one other raiding wolves spawn next to my village and an other neutral enemy (varanasuss) attack the wolv, without reacting or fighting back.

Version Number and Mods in use:
537 x64 build
no mods

System Information:
windows10 64bit

Any enemy will be blocked by your walls/fences. They can’t destroy them (for the moment?).
Furthermore, wolves only react when a HL is close to them (much closer than goblins, ants) IMO.

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in this senario the wolves stop the reacting for villagers/fighters.

And if you try to attack the wolves, they won’t react right?

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yes. they turn to the attacker and just “idle”. No attack or damage to the attacking fighter.

The same happen to neutral enemies. attached an other screenshot in the main post.

Thanks for the bug report! Right now, if monsters can’t find a way into your village, they will go into their default behavior. The goblin wolves indeed tried to find a path, but couldn’t so they went into a idle state. We do plan to implement obstacle avoidance in the future so some monsters will be able to get into your town.

The pack of wolves circled in the upper left is actually an ambient monster spawn that hangs around until you decide to engage it, so those ones wouldn’t try to attack your town.

There was however, a bug that caused the wolf party to get stuck in place. A fix for the wolves not fighting or wandering will be in the next build.