Goblin small house - Build template

I made a copy of the goblin house, just for fun. Although I somewhat got the wall colors wrong.

I did this in a13, didn’t tested a14. But on the a13 version, it was very hard to build. Hearthlings would build alot of ladders, both outside and inside. I can’t remember if they were even able to finish building it, and I don’t know if they will in a14.

The structure is entirely made of slabs, because it is simple impossible to use the wall/roof system for it. That somehow messed their building a.i.

Another point is that the structure is a lot bigger than the one made by the goblins, this is because their building blocks are a lot smaller, maybe half of the hearthling block sizes.

Last, although we can’t see the inside of the goblin version, I added a bed and a chair, just to make it functional. :slightly_smiling:

The zip with 2 files (one is the build, the other is the image preview) must be extracted at the “saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates” inside your game folder.
goblin small house.zip (18.8 KB)


Now name your hearthlings goblin names. :stuck_out_tongue: