Game suggestion: goblin demand and building templates

Suggestion number one: the goblins demand one thing shinier it what if they demanded one thing but you could have two options give shinies or build advanced buildings. Goblins are not the smartest creatures in the land but they are cunning why build when others can build for them . How it would work is that when instead of choosing fighting the goblins or giving up shinies you choose to build building for them. The goblins would put down a building template from a list and your hearth lungs would have to use supplies and hard labour to build it. While building the goblins would be friendly but there would be a certain amount of time to build the building. They would expect the building complete in a week or two. The building after completion would filled with goblin items and furniture and loot. It would increase the goblins numbers by a certain amount making them stronger. It would be cool to choose to build up the goblins then fight them.

Suggestion number twos: I might be the only one but I am bad at building and a few extra templates would be good. Templates like segments of wall, wall corners, bridges, wall gates, and etc

Thanks for listening to my suggestions