Ghost's Spooky Mod Challenge! [Win a game by creating a mod!]

YES YES YES! You’re reading this right! This is the official Ghost’s Spooky Mod Challenge!
The lack of a mod with anything spooky in them displeases the spectral ones, like myself!
Therefore I have been searching for a reward to give to the mighty modder that will grant this wish for me!

The price the modder can win:

  • A steam copy of the game : Orion Dino Horde!

(if you already own this game, or just don’t like it. I have a substitute one!)

---------------------------------------------------THE CHALLENGE------------------------------------------------

  • Make a mod
  • it has be something spooky
  • Ghosts get extra points
  • Time I will decide if this mod challenge is a succes and will continue: 16th of April
  • Time I will decide the winner is : The 1st of MAY!!

---------------------------------------------------THE CHALLENGE------------------------------------------------

This will not be the only Spooky Mod Challenge! There will be more games that can be won!


If you would like something to be added to your name, pm me! (Example: Ghost, the mightiest of the spectral ones)

The mods:

Spooky_Trees by Alfie

Modding Challenges? Cool. Maybe I’ll give it a go… I need to get back into modding.


love the idea… love the graphic… good luck to the future contestants! :smiley:

looks up the peculiarly named Steam game

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I have another (different) game I’d like to give away in a different contest! But if the winning person really doesn’t like it I have another kewl title to give :3

@SteveAdamo Disclaimer: I didn’t make the graphic T_T
@Alfie does this mean I can sign you up as a contestant? :smiley:


Sure! I’ve already started working on something… I can’t guarantee it’ll be the biggest mod, but I think you’ll like it. :wink:


… and now, I present to you…


Growing tired of your not scary, standard trees? spooky_trees is just for you!

To get your own spine-chilling trees, download this file, extract it and put the contents (minus the text file) into your mods folder!

The mod includes one type of spooky tree, and it’s own spooky log. Did I mention they’re spooky?

Oh, the spooky log acts just like a regular log.

P.S: Sorry for the double post.


Hmm… a Ghost mod in a game where people don’t die… I have an idea that just might be up to the challenge >D Mauhaha

if I can get SH to work >.>

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@chimeforest I’ll sign you up for the challenge!
@Alfie if you’re afraid your mod would lose later on, you can always change it, or make another one!

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I might add more to it later… but I just wanted to get the base concept done. :wink:

Yes ofcourse! I understand! :slight_smile: Keep a close eye to your rivals haha :smiley:

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I would like to invite the noble men of the modding countries:


Please let me know if I have forgotten any of the other noblemen!

(Excuse me for my double post, I’m just not sure that editing a post with “@[insert name here]” will give them the same message as it usually does!

I will try to do a mod on this theme =P So I will try to begin this week end =P

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I’m afraid I’ll have to pass. My situation is getting… rather gloomy so I really need to find a job, which is quite an impossible task. Whatever time isn’t taken by figuring out my future is used to procrastinate shamelessly just to bridge the gaps. I’m therefore not in the mood for any sort of contest or modding in general to be honest.


Good luck on your quest! Or whatever you want to call it.

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I think most people call it “survival” or “the daily struggle”, though I think the first is more appropriate.


This is so depressing!

On a serious note @RepeatPan, good luck getting a job

@RepeatPan, ofcourse you shouldn’t compete if your situation doesn’t allow it :slight_smile:

I wish you the best of luck!

@Didis Nice! I’ll sign you up as a competetor! :smiley:

I invite the noblemen @sw0rdnshadow1 from the modding nations to join the contest!

Though I didn’t want to participate, as I’m in a situation similar to that of @RepeatPan, I was playing today to relieve stress and accidentally made the settlers spooky. But I need to make them even more spooky. Just a bit of transparency doesn’t look well, I need to give them the blue, translucent color, I just need to find the right component -_-’'
So, count me in! :blush:
I don’t know if I’ll have time to upload something decent but I’ll give it a try (that way I’ll learn some code/api of the game)