Ghost's Spooky Mod Challenge (If you win you can choose out of 5 games!)

YES YES YES! You’re reading this right! The official Ghost’s Spooky Mod Challenge is back!
We already got a great mod from Radiant but I wish something more with perhaps… a Ghost! :blush: The price the modder can win:

  • A steam copy of the game : Orion Dino Horde!
  • A steam copy of the game : A virus named TOM
  • A steam copy of the game : Titan Quest
  • A steam copy of the game : Trine 2 : Complete story
  • A steam copy of the game : Warhammer 40,000 dawn of war (the first one!)

---------------------------------------------------THE CHALLENGE------------------------------------------------

  • Make a mod
  • it has be something spooky
  • Ghosts get extra points

---------------------------------------------------THE CHALLENGE------------------------------------------------

This is a revive thread because the previous versions of stonehearth didn’t give the modders enough room to actually mod something ( Except for the spooky trees! Still, thanks @alfie)
Now that villagers can die and that the villagers can be attacked I thought to myself… There must be something you great modders can do!

Hopefully people are willing to join the contest! <3

Greetings, the spectral one,



Orion Dino Horde? What’s that?

Well this is the website:

Looks just a bit crazy to me :stuck_out_tongue: .

Trying to revive this one more time for the sake of halloween! I’ve updated the list of games you can earn! :smiley:
I’m trying to get more games on the list… In hope that some people would actually participate! Like in the old thread

If this Mod Challenge still won’t attract any modders I guess this one can be closed as well.


given Radiant’s lovely new mod, surely someone can leverage it and rise to this challenge! I’ll toss in a custom title for the winner as well… :smile: :+1: