What mods do you want? I will make them!

I want to do some modding. But I need ideas, so if you have an idea, but don’t have Qubicle or don’t feel like making it, I will add it to a list and make the mod. Kinda like a modder for hire, except for free. That would be really awesome! So, please give me your ideas. For know, I will only be able to do things like editing people, and models, not so much adding new features. But once they have released there full mod API i will learn how to use it. Thanks.


  1. Spooky Mod - By non other than Ghost

  2. Canada Mod - nicedude80

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interesting approach… :smiley:

you might try skimming @Alfie’s mod list, and see if anyone needs a hand as well… :+1:

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Well I had a modding contest not to long ago which is eventually canceled… but I’d really like a spooky mod! Something with ghosts ! :slight_smile:

I will add that to #1 of list. So like everything kinda haunted and creepy? That can happen. I am picturing ghost villagers… Now to find how to make Qubicle support transparency. I like the sound of that.

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Transparency? Do you mean this? :no_mouth:


Exactly. How did you do that?

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With a little json and a bit of lua. Following this tutorial, I took the basics and added a component to the human mixin (if you want to affect all humans you have to do that) which changed the render material.
I tried with other materials, but this one was the less disturbing (although it’s the same transparency as when moving objects/furniture).

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That actually looks pretty good! If you could add a bleu-ish colour to it, would that help? And maybe make it so… if your villagers die (bij starvation in latest patch for an example) they come back as a ghost haha :smiley:
But indeed, anything related to spooky things (I <3 Ghosts)

Unless you plan on overriding the whole Stonehearth rendering system (i.e. mods/stonehearth/data/horde), I don’t think that’s possible right now. That means, it’s not possible in any modular, feasible kind of way.


I don’t know anything about modding but maybe he could make Quibble models with a bit blue-ish look and then just make them transparent :)…
is that a possibility?

I think the shader merely makes them transparent and maybe a bit less saturated - but in theory, yes. If the model was blue to begin with, the ghost_item’d one would be blue, too.

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I think I am just going to try doing some stuff through blender. Anyone know if Qubicle can import .obj? Or if blender can export it?

LOTR(Lord of the Rings) mod please…

(prepare for tabs full of reference images!)

So maybe some if the dwarves looking like Gimli or those from the Hobbit films…

Some people can look like elves or people from Gondor or Rohan I guess, as well…

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paging @voxel_pirate! :smile:

.obj cannot be converted to .qb that easily. There are ways to do it, though.

  • Minddesk offers a Voxelizer which does pretty much that. It’s a separate purchase, however.
  • The way I did it was to use binvox, then write a converter from .binvox to .qb (basically, teaching Panicle .binvox). I’m afraid I don’t think I can release that Panicle version, however. It’s also lacking colors.

All in all, such a conversion is not really possible - you can imagine it the same way as trying to build a real object in Minecraft. You need to convert curves and all that to blocks somehow.

I mean, in theory, if you just used cubes in blender, then it would be somewhat possible to write a .blend-to-.qb converter assuming all cubes have the same size and are aligned properly (i.e. the blocks on the X-axis are at 0, 1, 2, 3 or 0, 0.5, 1 - evenly distributed). That would be really painful though.

It’s a very different world after all. qb-to-obj is possible because it’s a step up, precision-wise, the opposite isn’t.

@Nicedude80 It can be done very easy. With the home edition of qubicle. You can import .obj and export .qb. Within 10 seconds.

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