I’ll take you to the clothing shop [community-project]

Continuing the discussion from Stonehearth.net Community-Mod?:

The community mod post seems to be fading away. So I have thought out a small community project. It is just something small to start with. Getting the infrastructure set-up and cooperation going and see who all joins.
The end goal is to have an avatar for all participants and take a picture of all of us together. Maybe in an town or place like the one Froggy made. For the ones hesitated/afraid/too busy to try the Qubicle program we create a cubic-clothing shop. So people which don’t know anything about Qubicle can just copy/paste items to create an avatar. Which makes the entry-level very low.

I created a Qubicle file to start off which can be downloaded with google drive. It has male and female basic human models. If someone knows anything better then google drive let me know, although I think it will do the job. You need to install some software from google drive and need to pm me your e-mail so I can add you to the map for edit-acces (this e-mail is visible to all map-paticipants, just to let you know).


The project consists out of 3 steps.

Step 1: Creation of a cubic-clothing shop

The idea is to create all kinds of ‘clothing’ for male and females (pants, trousers, jackets, shoes, hats, hairstyles, etc…) , but also accessories that can be combined or go on top of the clothing (glasses, goggles, belts, bags,masks, etc…)
This can go as creative as you like, but no weapons. Not that I don’t like weapons but I want to concentrate it first to the clothing/accessories. If the community like to make a weapon shop we can always create one later.
Also different basic human skins can be made.
The requirement is that an object needs to be created within the standard sized matrix. And also at the right spot inside the matrix. So people can just copy-paste it to dress a new unit.
Keep the color variations to 4 maximum to not overload the same object in the cubic-shop, with the exception of basic human models.
Create your items in a separate file. I will put them in the shop. I think that is the easiest way.

Step 2: Create an avatar

Every participant needs to create an avatar representing himself (It does not have to look like you, just anything you like). This can be done by an character you create yourself, or one that you combine from objects from the cubic-clothing shop. Or part cubic-clothing shop/part made yourself. The items from the cubic-clothing shop are free for anyone to use. The ones people created themselves and are not in the cubic-shop are not free to copy. So you might not want to put your avatar items in the shop if you want to create an unique avatar. But I hope this does not stop people from creating extra items for the cubic-shop.
Create your own avatar in a separate Qubicle file with your forum name.

Step 2: Group picture

Once all the participants have created an avatar we set them up in a scenery and take a screenshot. There will be honeybeer served during the after-party.

Summary for participants:

  • download google drive and install
  • pm @Miturion your e-mail adres to get edit-acces
  • create items for clothing-shop (save in separate file on google drive)
  • create an avatar from shop or self-created (save in separate file on google drive with forum name)
  • turn up at the picture-party
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I love this idea. I will quite happily render the final scene if you wish. Either in town, on my island or elsewhere.

Yes that would be cool

You are live such a jet set lifestyle :sunglasses:

I too love the idea…

ooh themed sections, Western, Fantasy, SciFi, Corporate… ok maybe not the last one

Why not?! - read… Matrix, or Syndicate… could make for some cool voxel trenchcoats!! :smiley:

Yeah, I have already begun on it.



OMG! with that computer I can play stonehearth IN stonehearth, STONEHEARTHCEPTION!!!

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That is awesome. :golf: :telescope:

Yep, that’s right. Golf-Telescope awesome!

themed sections would be wonderfull. Also nice picture :smiley:

But @TobiasSabathius… If you had taken the Red pill…

((Thanks to @Relyss for the inspiration on the glasses))


thanks to @TobiasSabathius and @Froggy for the early morning nerd-gasm…

and with that, im off for the day!

p.s. love the mod idea @Miturion:+1: