Getting better with memory loss : P

amd a-10 6700 apu w radeon hd 3.7 gig
X64 bit os win 10
8 gig ram

as you can see the game is running much better since the memory drains have been patched up! the lower one was before the memory patch the upper from 10-29

However there are a few things that i am requesting be placed in game.

  1. tunnel door (mason) wide enough to cover the tunnels maybe one block larger on both sides of the opening free standing non building item

  2. there are not enough creatures in my 30-30 pen 4 is just not enough 8 maybe but not 4 please and thanks. Maybe 15-20 for rabbits and chickens in the same area?

  3. lighting out a little further… not sure how to rephrase that 3-4 more block glow.

  4. (may be in the works) tailor makes every ones outfits, so that what is needed is outfit+tool for a promotion. maybe except farmer and carpenter. but having upgrade for farmers and carpenter outfit.