Geomancer on Peaceful?

I was wondering if the rabbit quest still happens on a peaceful world, since it includes fighting. Is there another way? I have the ACE mod installed and that’s it.

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Yes, it does.

Peaceful can have fighting in several ways, actually :slight_smile: Because of that, ACE updated the description of it, not sure you have noticed - it now says that you won’t get invasions but can still look for a fight

That’s because you can:

  • Fight enemies in the wilds that might have spawned with your map (wolf or bear dens, etc…)
  • Fight enemies from the Hearth of Glory
  • Fight enemies from the Bunny campaign, namely some quests (like Chase Scene or Charging the Lights) and, of course, the “ending”

So yes, you can get 2 geomancers in a peaceful game :slight_smile:


For anyone wanting to avoid combat altogether and still achieve a Geomancer (e.g. a “vegan” or 0-violence play-through), it’s entirely possible to complete the required steps of the Rabbit campaign up to Geomancer training without fighting – you can choose to provide healing items in Chase Scene rather than fighting, un-deploy the Amberstones in the Crystal Charging mission; and even make doors etc. for the Rabbits in the Shook Down quest so that the Rabbits don’t have to fight either!

Sadly it’s not possible to completely avoid fighting the end-game boss; but you can wall/bunker yourself in and use just the Arbalest to defeat the Titan directly without fighting anyone; you could always justify that as the Arbalest “banishing” the Titan without a fight; or say that the Rabbits are firing the Arbalest and you’re just sheltering and healing them… This will get your second Geomancer without any of your hearthlings fighting the Titan’s minions; but there will be some luck required to avoid having enemies reach your town (they can break down doors, and “building crushers” might even break down your walls if you’re unfortunate enough to have one spawn near the wall.)

I do like how Peaceful Mode still gives you the option to use combat in some quests/missions though; rather than merely locking that whole chunk of the game away permanently based on a decision you make before you even know what’s coming.


Yeah, I personally really like that too because I know a lot of people like to build/play peacefully and later on change the difficulty or start fighting - and since you can’t change the difficulty in SH, that would be impossible if Peaceful was 100% without fights. :smiley:

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