Entling chief encounter during peacful mode

entling cheif will appear in paecfull world
Steps to reproduce:

  1. lots of wood in stock pile or around town from fallen trees
  2. sell most of wood to trader
    3)encounter will happen

Expected Results: no encounter

Actual Results:
entling cheif appears and demands for wood
the playthrough was using rc in the forest biome
also saves may not be in order (before and after encounter)
save 1.zip (5.2 MB)
save 2.zip (5.9 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
develop 3092 with dev tools
System Information:
toshiba windows 10 touchscreen laptop with intel i3

That’s because there is no check in that event for the mode used.
Goblin campaign explicit asks for a mode that is not peaceful (normal or hard) to start.

This one is located at common events (like traders visiting your town) and this campaign doesn’t check the mode.

I just don’t know if this is by design or they just missed this battle.

guessing it was just missed, as it doesn’t seem very peaceful to have ents attacking you :stuck_out_tongue:

paging @linda and @yshan

Don’t forget that “Radiant Entertainment” can be abbreviated to “Rad Ent”. :wink:

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If it’s peaceful mode, then they need to spawn and then dance around the forest making berry bushes appear magically.

Or in peaceful mode, they don’t kill you in combat. they kill you peacefully.

e.g. make all your crops wither, your wood rot. You can be safe with stone though, until stone golems appear… lol

Thanks for catching that! Someday perhaps the Ent can make your food rot or crops wither, but for now the encounter will be disabled in peaceful mode. Fix will be in the next build.

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