Gamemode Options

Seeing the new updates about more RPG-like towns and workers - it has me thinking about where the game can go in relation to customization of the gameplay.

As of now, we have Normal Mode and Peaceful Mode. But what if we added an Advanced Mode where players can pick from any and all gameplay features to make the world what they want it to be. Enabling things such as Goblin Raids, RPG features, “Zen” mode, etc.



I think the plan is that the normal/peaceful mode screen is a temporary thing only. Eventually we’ll see a great big customisation screen (or nine) where we’ll be able to fiddle around with all sorts of settings, choose our starting professions/resources/people, etc.


,selected mods (hopefully), etc.

I don’t know about mods - I imagine it’ll be easier/safer to have them sorted out before booting up the game, if only to avoid errors etc with ones that make major changes (especially to the UI).

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Or we make a mod for mod loading. Modception.


Eh, ideally IMHO there’ll be a mod folder you dump your mod .zip files and/or folders into, plus a text document that states which order the mods should be loaded in (see below). Making a shiny GUI to automate as much of that as possible seems like a small job for a programmer IMHO.

[quote]–Stonehearth Mod List
–Radiant & Stonehearth MUST be first!
–Your mods MUST start at #100 in case of DLC etc!
–Just give the .zip / folder name of your mod, no file extensions necessary.
–Mods at the bottom of the list overwrite ones higher up the list.
–Mods not listed here will not be loaded.

2=Dwarves.smod --Post-release KS goal
100=TelMod - Core v1.1 --Required for all TelMod mods, must be in list before them!
101=TelMod - Age of Sail v1.0
102=TelMod - Big Cities v1.4[/quote]
I’m more or less copying Relic Entertainment’s method of mod loading for Dawn of War here (though they had many more things to load than this :wink: ). I don’t know what @Tom or @sdee etc think, but I can’t think of an easier way to organise mods without minimising compatibility issues etc.

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