Game shut down after strange item placement

Placing down a furniture item (ie: wooden bench) will sometimes offset the placement ghost form into an impossible location between possible plots which the system cannot understand. The program/game will then close out completely without warning or error message.
Steps to reproduce:
Do not know exactly how it happened

  1. Place down a furniture item and when placed, move it a block or two over (do this in an unfinished building).
  2. try to move it again, notice that it does not remove the ghost forms because they are now adding to the crafting menu.
  3. The game may place a ghost form in between two possible blocks and the game will shut down without warning within a few seconds.

Expected Results:
The game should recognize this as an error and remove the ghost form, or not even let you do it.
Actual Results:
Ghost form was placed between two blocks and the game shut down within a second.
None, it gave no warning/error message to warn of this occurrence.
Was not able to get a screenshot of it as it happened almost instantaneously.
Version Number and Mods in use:
0.18.0 x64 build, no mods in use
System Information:
Windows 10
Lenovo ThinkPad

Hi @SpartanXxX97 :slight_smile:

Do you have a crash.dmp of that moment, or the stonehearth.log? (if you’ve played again, the log has been overwritten)

Sadly, the log has been over written. Where can I find the crash.dmp?

It should be on the same folder than the stonehearth.log.
I’m not sure if the game generated one dmp in this case, though.

I will try and get it asap

I found this:

crash.dmp (1.1 MB)

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With this you mean that while the building was being built, you used the placement menu (or command) to place a bench into the building and then move it, right?

There’s an ongoing issue with the ability to edit bulidings that are not finished, what to do about the furniture in this case… :confused:

The benches were placed from when the hearthlings built the design, I just went to move them and for some reason one of them placed at an intersection between blocks

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Also, some thing with the AI I found. Hearthlings that are not soldiers but can fight, like the carpenter, may start cowering in fear endlessly until they are killed instead of running.

Hey there @SpartanXxX97, how much RAM does your computer have? The crash dump indicates that “The thread used up its stack”.

I believe I have 16 GB of ram

Alright, that should rule out an “out of memory” situation…