Bug, cant place items in unfunsuhed buildings

Trying to place an item in an unfished buildign resuslts in lots of ghost items that never get placed.


  1. Start building a building,
  2. Place a bed in unfished building,
  3. Lots of ghost beds appear but the bed never gets placed.


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I’m having the same problem. I go to build any house type building with beds. After a bed is placed, i tell it to be removed, so it can be replaced with a comfy bed. A ghost bed stays in the place of the removed bed, and it cant be removed. I ended up with a village with three of the 4 bed houses, with three ghost beds in each.

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This deserves a bump, because it’s happening even in Alpha 9. Also, i can’t place items/furniture (beds, tables, chairs) in FINISHED buildings, and I can’t place items/furniture (beds, tables, chairs) in the buildings when i’m designing it with the tool editor… it’s gets really frustrating when i’m trying to give each citizen a Bed, and the end up sleeping outdoors :frowning: :S

Will test when I get home, but I have not had this issue. I can place beds in my unfinished hall regularily, and I do the same thing with workshops in the other buildings. I occasionally cant place items into corners, but thats about it. I know you cant place modules in the building editor right now, so that part I can confirm.

I agree! Another Big Problem is that is Building Mode You Cant Actually Place Furiture

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