Ghost builds of items

Items that I tell to build somewhere. But then are sold or upgraded before they are placed leave their ghost for ever in town.

Steps to reproduce:
Build 10 normal chairs and place them.
Before they are placed upgrade 10 chars to comfy chairs.

Another way to reproduce:
place 1 chair.
Then create task to move the 1 chair one place over.
Stop all units from doing work.
Have carpenter upgrade all 1 chair to comfy. now you have ghost chair

That’s not a bug, you just still have a normal chair waiting to be placed. Build one and your hearthlings will immediately place it.

If you have one of the new unstable builds with the “cancel tasks” icon, I assume you can use that to cancel the ghost place icon task, but I haven’t actually changed it.

It’s a side effect, but could be considered a bug. It shouldn’t affect you, as the behavior is what @BrianNZ says (build a new one and it’ll be placed).

In the worst case, you should be able to delete the ghost with the delete command, or if that doesn’t work, with the console.

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The problem is that I don’t have a chair to place. To get it removed you have to build another chair which would be wasteful way to remove something one does not want to build

I would like to call it a bug @Relyss because I was able to reproduce that in an other way too:

Place furniture … move that furniture … and if you open up build-menu you will allways see the old position of that furniture, you actually moved away.

Example: I built a house, on top of it my typically roof-feeding-area with storage for food and tables/chairs.
Now my town has grown so I expanded in more tables/chairs and moved them alot… my whole roof has ghost-tables/chairs in build-mode, because the old position have been saved.

You call it bug, I call it feature! :smile:

(I know, outdated but I haven´t played yet…)