Stuck Ghost Placement of Objects


Moving an object off the floors while in build mode cause the object to get stuck in ghost mode. This also happens if you try and move an object onto a building when the building isn’t finished.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start Build Designer
  2. Build a floor
  3. Place Furniture on the floor
  4. Move the funiture off the Floor
  5. Finish building in Build Designer

Expected Results:

Furniture disappears or stays apart of the building

Actual Results:

Ghost of furniture never becomes part of the building. Only way to remove the ghost is to manually build it.



Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:

I got one of these by accidentally trying to place a decorative tray “side on” to the side of a building. It could not be built, and the “delete” command removed the ghost ladder but not the ghost item.

…yeah. It sucks. I get triggered everytime I look at my kitchen now because I see a ghost window just jutting out of the building

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You can open the command menu via Ctrl+Shift+C. Then click on the building with the ghosted items and type in ib. The item will self-build with out pulling from your inventory. The same works with placed furniture and decorative items, though instead of deleting or destroying the items have your hearthlings pick it up, stow it in your inventory, then you can sell it. If you just destroy it on the spot the ghost will return.

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