Ghosting in the Blueprint

placing items in blueprint and then building makes ghost objects move around while building ie: ghost bed on prebuilt floor, hearths start removing dirt. ghost object drops and moves around as floor is built.
Steps to reproduce:
1)Blueprint house
2) place objects in blueprint
3)hit build

Expected Results:
Ghost objects stay in place, build is built, then objects places
Actual Results:
Ghost object movable by build alone, fall through floors and slide around as build is built. cuaseing clutter stack and stuck in walls. hearths wont place
Side note: Placing fences from place items on blueprint causes hearths to place object before build. if its like say on tower the object drops to ground after placement.

Floor being removed, ghost objects dropping

Objects setting on ground now. as slab floor is built objects moving with slab.

floor was built Objects now in clutter stacks

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