[Alpha_10_5-10] Ghosted furniture overlaps a furniture when I tried to get rid of it by placing another one over it

Terms I searched: Overlap, Objects Overlap, build mode overlap (all are case sensitive)

I thought I could get rid of the existing ghosted furniture (from build mode) by placing a furniture over it. However, that didn’t worked. And now the object is overlapped with the object I tried placing over it. But it’s not a big deal. It’s just a negligible visual bug.

FYI: I tried doing this with chairs. Out of the 10 chairs I built for the pre-made dining hall, one became a “Fine” version of it.

Sorry for the late reply, @TacticalMaster :disappointed_relieved:

I’d consider this as not a bug. A ghost item is the “this item will be placed here” version. If you place another furniture over it, it will still remain there, since it’s waiting for some hearthling to actually place it there. And being a ghost, you can pass through it.

Yes, a side effect. Although I’d like to know which behavior were you expecting. That the new item would replace the ghost? If you manually told to place another item, it wouldn’t be the same item that the ghost is referring to, so there’s no way it would replace it :confused: (you can actually move ghost items to another place if you need)

Hmm… You mean when the hearthlings placed the chairs for the template, they used one fine chair? For Alpha 11 r453 they don’t seem to want to place fine versions on templates, I had to craft normal versions of the chairs because they didn’t want to use them for the dining hall. I wonder if that behavior changed…

Oh, well I see. Though you would take it as a “suggestion,” yes?

I just only thought placing an item on it would get rid of the ghost. It’s what it came to my mind.

Uh, no. I said that this bug occurred eventually when I was making chairs. When one of those chairs became a fine version of it, I thought i could get rid of the ghost by placing over it, which didn’t worked I’d expected and that’s why I posted this “bug.”

Oh, and sorry for not replying late too. Just got caught up with my other stuff.

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If you still think that is relevant and you’ll like to see it in the game, no problem, we can turn the thread into a suggestion :relaxed:

Although now we need to find a good way to explain it because it sounds as the normal behavior of the ghost/placed items :cold_sweat:

Now that I think, what you did was kind of editing the building while it was being built.

Sorry for late reply but I think I know what to respond your latest message:

It would be helpful, because I’m a guy who likes to see convenient actions.

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