Permanent item ghost from placement error (A15)

Summary: I have run into two separate, reproducible instances of this, in which the ghost of an unplaced item remains permanently, even after save/load. I could not find any related topic, however.

The first instance came when I had two tables queued to be placed, but accidentally sold them. The ghosts remained permanently, even when I put new tables over them - their ghosts glitch through just so, and it’s a bit vexing.

The second came when I queued a wall lantern to be put in a corner, but realized that a Carpenter’s Workbench was in the way. The ladder was ordered to be placed on top of the bench, but I moved it, leaving the ghost ladder hanging in the air and unable to be placed. Vexed, I tried to place the same lantern elsewhere on the wall to make it “reset”. This did nothing. I then placed the carpenter’s bench back where it had been, and the construction went as originally planned. The second, attempted ghost placement remained, even after crafting a replacement.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Order item placed, preferably while a merchant is around
  2. Sell items in question before they are placed
  3. Observe ghost of unplaced/unplaceable item. Crafting new items doesn’t do anything.

Method 2;

  1. Place item on wall where ladder is on top of another item.
  2. Move item supporting ladder.
  3. Attempt to place item elsewhere.
  4. Replace ladder-supporting item.
  5. Item is placed in original position, second placement remains and is unremovable.

Expected Results: Ghost of unplaceable or placed-elsewhere item goes away.

Actual Results: Does not go away, even when (or because?) item in question is removed from town inventory or placed elsewhere.

Notes: I suspect the problem may involve item placements not “refreshing” their call for new items as they become available, like it does for windows when you make buildings initially… unless it DOES work that way, in which case, I’m not sure what’s going on. There’s also no way to click on ghosts to cancel their placement in the event that they’re FUBAR or, in less buggy circumstances, the event that one changes their mind before it’s placed.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 15, none

System Information:
Windows 7

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