Game freezes when building a house

Idk what it is but my game completey freezes

Game Release in picture

Picture’s not showing up, what’s your computer’s specs and what settings do you have the game on?

i embedded it, does it show up for you now?

Nah, just showing a broken image symbol for me.

right click that and select “open in new tab” and it should show up, unless thats not a possibility for you.

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Ah, yeah I can see it now. Hm, the image doesn’t provide much information. All I can really tell from it is that you’re very close to the edge of the world and you’ve begun a building. I’ve no idea if being so close to the edge could cause a freeze.

On a side note, I’ve now got member status \(@O@)/


YES that was the cause of the bug!
i was to close to the edge of the world

Oh ok, welp, guess that solves that, just stay away from the edge of the world.

on the topic of bugs did you know there are abandon plates of barries xD
can’t delete them or nothing also do you know of a way to fill in goblin camps with dirt or something, got bunch of stuff i want them to add

*building destruction

I do know that someone has talked about the abandoned plates before, I’ll add a link once I find it. If you destroy the Goblin camp’s campfire, it should revert the camp area back to grass and such. If it doesn’t, simply destroy the buildings and build over it.

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Did enemies happen to attack or did you put your town on defense mode at any point during your playthrough? It appears that doing that will cause plates of berries to be left unattended.

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Albert said its fixed for next release though.

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Ah, wonderful news, as I have quite a good amount of litter in my dining halls. My Hearthlings sleep schedule got messed up during a goblin raid, so now they sleep during the day and eat during the night, when zombies frequently attack.

Despite their unique abilities to float, mime, and admire their own buttocks without the need of a mirror, they have yet to properly understand the phrase, “Clean up after yourself.”

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yes they did, is there a way to get rid of them?

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glad to hear its been fixed and hopefully build grass has been added sometime soon XD as for i have OCD

currently the only way is to use the destroy command,

  • press the ~ key to open the console

  • select plate of berries (or whatever type of food it is)

  • type destroy

  • press enter

  • press the ~ key to close the console

those steps should work.

Thnanks, for the moment ill just build a gray Block over the places they spawn

I’m having something very similar, although it’s the Alpha 11 latest release.

After starting a new game, I go to build a general worker’s hut while the Hearthlings run around and gather materials. I usually make these buildings two-story, with the second story smaller than the rest of the building. Here’s a picture -

As soon as I place the roof for the first story, everything freezes. I can’t change the speed, but I can click on things on the middle toolbar and open up the menu (from there I can’t save - it freezes entirely but I can still open up the menu and close it - however, I can load)

I’m able to place ‘regular’ roofs, like the second story one, without incident.

Right after I placed the first story roof, this error message popped up, which hadn’t before. This hadn’t happened in any of my other games, neither 10.5 or 11, and I’d done this sort of building before.

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