Game does not launch on start

I have a problem for launch the game with Steam. When I select “play” the game don’t start and nothing is happening

you can see the .log:

2015-Nov-26 11:32:37.050060 | server | 1 | app | Stonehearth Version (x64)
2015-Nov-26 11:32:37.051060 | server | 1 | core.config | user id is f1e9e128-9426-11e5-af25-d050994f7ba8
2015-Nov-26 11:32:37.051060 | server | 1 | core.config | session id is 030e0ce8-9429-11e5-bca0-d050994f7ba8
2015-Nov-26 11:32:37.051060 | server | 0 | core.system | Initializing crash reporter
2015-Nov-26 11:32:37.559089 | server | 0 | | lua jit is disabled
2015-Nov-26 11:32:37.633094 | server | 1 | resources | Module rayyas_children_ui version 1 is deferred load)
2015-Nov-26 11:32:43.551432 | server | 1 | resources | Modules are verified pristine.

thanks for your help

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Hey there @LoWeak, welcome to the Discourse! Sorry about your problem launching the game. First, as it is Thanksgiving here in the US, I will warn you that support may be a bit slower than usual. Regardless, can you upload your crash.dmp file which is hopefully in the same folder as your log? You should be able to upload it directly to the Discourse. Also, can you check if you have a user_settings.json file, and if so paste the contents of it here as well.

Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello and thanks for your help, I leave in France so sorry for my English ^^.
I don’t have crash.dmp in the folder.
you can find below the other files: (317 Bytes)

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hey there @LoWeak,

could you try replacing your current user_settings.json with this one, (448 Bytes)

though it doesnt always work, it has fixed a few peoples crashes in the past.

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it’s Work !!!
Many thanks for your help.
I can’t play now but I test the game tommorrow.
Have a good journey (or night like me) and happy Thanksgiving.

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Great! Hope you enjoy the game (tomorrow). Once you get into the game tomorrow, you may want to try switching the game back to 64 bit mode via settings, as that will allow you to maintain a larger number of citizens. Please post back here if switching the game to 64 bit mode causes more crashes.

I test the game and i do what you say. When I switch in 64 bit and I restart the game and can not open the game afer.
I donload the file of 8BitCrab and it work again.

OK, good to know. With the user ID you provided in your first post @Albert or @not_owen_wilson should be able to check the crash server to see why your game is crashing on 64 bit but not 32 bit. Glad you can play for now though :smile:.