Game Crashes on start | Help!

I recently bought the game on Steam and I have the black screen with music bug following game crash and the 90% reasons don´t fit to me.


This is my crash.dmp

Versions and Mods:

I do not have installed any mods and I am playing on the newest version of the game.

System Information:

Windows 10
GTX 770
AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core Processor
and my main monitor is BenQ XL 2430T

Thanks for reading and I hope you can help me :slightly_smiling:

Sgt. Cheese

Hey there @SgtCheese, welcome to the Discourse! (Great username, BTW).

I just looked at your crash.dmp, and it seems that your game is crashing on the LavasoftTcpService64.dll. Can you double check that it is not installed anywhere on your system please?

Also, if you have any trouble removing it, there are some good suggestions over on their forums: Solution for LavasoftTcpService problem after uninstallation - Ad-Aware Web Companion - Adaware Support Forums

and first of all thank you for the very fast response :slightly_smiling: (and for the compliment :blush:)
Searching for the files manually I was able to find them and removed them successfully from my system with the given link :smiley:
I started the game and it works fine now and I´m looking forward to have lots of fun with it :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for your help and best wishes for the new year :wink:

Sgt. Cheese