Black screen and music


Whenever I start the game I get a black screen, and after about 30 seconds music starts playing but the black screen remains.

I’ve seen some other posts and found some users who seemed to experience the same problem as me, so I deleted my user_settings.json file, but it didn’t work. Also tried pressing F5 but this didn’t work either. Reinstalled the game a few times but no result. I’m on the latest version and don’t use mods. Anyone got any ideas?

Unplug/disable your webcam and/or any other unnecessary peripheral devices.

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What Paul said, disconnect anything not your mouse and keyboard or screen, and give it a shot, for me it was my webcam causing crashes

I think I found the problem. Opened my mod folder and noticed one mod was downloaded two years ago (though it was a default mod since I never installed a mod?), although I just reinstalled the game. Removed it and the game seems to work properly now, although it still takes longer to load than before. Thanks for all the help guys, really appreciate it!

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