Game crashes on startup

The game crashes after a few seconds after launching without an error or anything. I have done all the things, driver update, firewall, uninstalled programs that could cause problems, fullscreen off, force 32 bit, everything and the game still does not work. I have no crash.dmp file. Some times i get the game ran out of memory error but thats really rare.

Here is my log :
stonehearth.log (3.2 KB)

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Try the bottom of the log, if possible?

Although the whole log would be nice! @Relyss can they get perms to post files, pleaaase? :smiley:

It is done.


Нужно выложить сюда файл лога этого краша, иначе непонятно, что у тебя действительно случилось.

I have edited my post to include the log file.

What mods are you subscribed to in Steam, since you’re crashing right when mods start to load @ateszkamatesz

I have not subscribed to any mods at all.