Game Chugging and Random Monster Spawns

Rather early game, game speed is tanking for some reason. I am playing on normal difficulty, and I don’t know if the chugging has something to do with the Foggy Weather or the random monsters lurking in the woods. There are zombies and skeletons skulking in the forest and cliffs just waiting and I don’t know why they are there. There also was a zombie that got itself stuck in a tree.

This one can’t path to my base.

Also, I had a wave of entlings spawn and they went on an attack move, just not to my base. I saw them move from one side of the cliff to the next it’s just that my base was not between point a and b.

Is the random zombie spawns on normal supposed to happen?

When enemies can’t path to your Hearthlings, the game starts chugging. I have no idea what the entlings are up to. Best to just put those little nuggets of delicious XP to good use.


On foggy days the undead will rise from their graves to harass the living.

Good to know, thanks.