Extreme lagspiking

I am getting a retarded amount of lag in terms of lagspikes which makes the game pretty much unplayable if you mind the lagspikes and i only have a couple more then 10 villagers in my village and all settings are at the minimum is this driver related or lacking optimization?
Or is it related to stockpiles?
my pc specs are
i5 4460
rx 460
12gb mixed ram

Village is ascendancy on a standard map with normal difficulty day 26

Here is my save file Save Blackforest.zip (5.4 MB)

I haven’t taken a look at the save file, but are your Hearthlings walled off from any of the enemies? The pathfinding goes a bit nuts when it can’t find a path to your village.

I have walls but every wall has a door in it for the hearthlings to enter and leave and for the monsters to break down so i can’t see why that is an issue otherwise it would be kinda sad not being able to have walls becuz of lag makes towns a bit impossible to defend from time to time

Yo, “lag” is used for online game problems, having a bad ping etc when connected to a server. What you’re referring to is stuttering or chug, poor performance of the game locally on your PC. Currently the game bogs down when you get more than 10 or so Hearthlings, devs will continue to optimise the coding in future as they go.