Undead Spawned on Map Creation

Summary: A large group of undead was already spawned on the surface when I started a new game. I suppose they are part of some landmark (?), maybe an underground one (?) but due to recent changes related to surface/underground spawnings around hearthfire (if I recall correctly) that might have affected other things? I dunno, really. They were just there.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new game in Temperate Forest (probably other biomes too)
  2. Look for zombies
  3. Repeat if none.

Expected Results: No zombies near my fresh settlement :stuck_out_tongue:

Actual Results: Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaains…

Notes: I’m unsure of what could be causing this or if it really is a landmark issue. Dunno if any landmarks comes with zombies. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Foggy Weather though - it was raining.

Another interesting (and possibly important fact): although they were hostile (red), they were rather passive/inactive. They didn’t react at all to my Footman killing them.


Version Number and Mods in use: 1.0, ACE (was testing stuff)


Is there a graveyard landmark nearby?

There is a foggy day in the forecast, could that be part of it?

Once when I started a new game, before I placed my banner down, I saw a place with a single undead monster standing there. I think it might have been a foggy weather day, and I settled far away from that area.

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I’m 80% sure it’s from the foggy weather. Was that screenshot taken in your first in-game day?

Did you change the season in the map screen?

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There isn’t :stuck_out_tongue:
These are sunny rain, cloudy and rain;
Foggy looks like this:


Yes, that could be it. It is the first day but I did change the season. So I suppose what happens is that if the default season had a foggy day already RNG’d for the first game day, its effects/spawns remained even though I changed the season.