Underwater Undead? r-819 build


Okay, this is something new (at least new to me).

Got foggy weather and undead wandering around under the water, free as you please. They’re not even slowed by it when the Hearthlings are both slow and swimming. All I’m doing is making some extensions off my island with built platforms.

I have not seen this happen before. Is this intentional or is there a goof somewhere?! Color me very confused.

EDIT: Okay, one of my builders got down on the same level as one of them and they are slowed which is kind of funny because the skelly looks like it’s all but running in place while my little builder’s oblivious.


Gents… take a walk.

PS. I see it not as a bug but as a feature.
PPS. Giving them cutlasses and spawning a few vases/chests/broken boats nearby would be great.


On foggy days, zombies spawn in the wilderness. We did notice that they sometimes spawn in water, but decided to leave it. Seems more interesting.


Would be really cool if eventually they could crawl out of the lake and be immune to fire damage or something.


It’s interesting and hilarious. Especially when my footmen swim out to go clean them up. I’m glad you left it in. I enjoy the laugh it gives me.