Full screen mode resets refresh rate to 60 from 100

Sorry to disturb you

I have been noticing I cant control the game;s refresh rate.

I notice this becasue my screen goes all black for 1 second after I set the game in fullscreen, and goes righ tback to blackscreen after I go out, also, the colors change on my OS (a weird tell I have found to notice if the refresh rate is different)

I am running on a gtx 1080ti, and an i7 8700k.

How can I modify the refresh rate for the game?

Thanks again

Refresh rates are controlled by your computer’s display settings, not the game, and are specific to the monitor you’re using. Refresh rates are measured in hz as well, incase you’re confusing it with framerate. I apologize, but I’ve actually never seen a game that controls the refresh rate of your display.

Now if you’re referring to frame rate, Stonehearth is uncapped. With your setup, you should be pulling about 130+ FPS. If you enabled V-Sync the Stonehearth’s settings, it will cap the framerate to your monitors refresh rate.

the problem I am getting is when I set it to fullscreen.

It always resets the refresh rate back to 60 from 100.

I dont know what to do at this point

Just want to report that I am seeing the same behaviour in Win10. Refresh is set to 60Hz but when i set Stonehearth to fullscreen (so not maximized window) the refresh rate bumps to 144Hz (I’m guessing monitor max). Thisnis a problem for me because I play on a cloud-based PC and the high refresh rate ruins the latency.