FPS Limit forgotten?

Hey there,

I just got a new graphics card and as soon as I started Stonehearth, my fans got up like hell and gpu usage was like 97%. I found a few things:

First, yes, my card works absolutly fine.
Second, the fps rate ingame got up to near 2000… ähm… I don’t even know why this is possible in the first place
Third, obviously the card failed to set a limit itself, I know, that’s the case normally. My old one apparently did.

But most games do have a fps limit themselfs, I think that’s a nice to have for every game and I don’t really see why Stonehearth doesn’t have it. I mean, that can’t be that time consuming to write, can it?

It’s not that important, but I thought, I mention it in case you just forgot about it completly :smiley:

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In the options menus activate the check box vsync.

This limits the fps to your monitor screen rate.


Oh okay, I didn’t know that. Thanks :slight_smile: