Interesting observation for dev purposes

I recently bought a new system, and one of the first thing I did after getting the precautionary basics setup on it was to install StoneHearth and transfer my mods, saved games, and saved objects. This system is about twice the machine my old system was and about 4 years newer, but StoneHearth runs slower. It actually stutters most of the time. It’s playable, but I did have some issues.

I cannot play in fullscreen.(I assume due to Windows 10)
It takes about twice as long to load my saved game.
And when it does start, sometimes it stutters and then speeds up to warp speed.

System info:
Windows 10 Home
i-7 6700k 4.0Ghz Skylake 8MB Intel Smart Cache
AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB GDDR5
Installed on the SSD

Hi @applemason
I’m sorry to hear the game isn’t performing well on your new machine.
Some questions I have: can you elaborate on the “I cannot play in fullscreen.” part? What doesn’t work about it? (for reference, I have windows 10 and full screen appears to be working for me, so perhaps it is some different use case from what I have).

Also, can you please upload your stonehearth.log?

Thank you

Well, when I installed I checked before adding anything to it to see if it would work on my new machine, and it worked fine. But when I added other thing and turned in my usual settings, including fullscreen, that’s when it wouldn’t open. So, I troubleshooted(sp?) it and realized that I had to go into my user_settings.json and change my setting for fullscreen to false to be able to play again. And then it launched again.

stonehearth.log (1.7 MB)

resources | Could not find hash for module “assassin”.
resources | failed to load smod “window_gate_mod”: Illegal header in zip file
resources | could not find resource for stonehearth/data/biome/arctic_generation_data.json while processing mixintos for tuhalu. ignoring.

While most likely not the case for why it was a slow load, there were three mod errors. Paging @Tuhalu @Aviex just so you guys know.

I am guessing the slow performance part is at least due to win 10.
I recently did a os/machine migration as well… with a fresh win 10 installed (part of the reason for migration, in addition to hardware issues, was failed update to win 10 which messes up a lot of things in my previous win 7)

win 10 is …
horrible by default. (I was never biased against win 10 until I started using it).

the disk performance was bad (actually, explorer performance is the problem) , (suggest: turn off search/index)
the network performance was bad, (suggest disable the new overload whatever crap option in your network adapters that was never properly implemented)
the tasks themselves “lags” and stuff. (suggest: manually fix virtual disk)
etc etc

I spent 2 whole weeks (and still ongoing as and when I notice new issues) searching online for resources and testing/tweaking the damn thing.

And even until now, I cannot say it actually perform better than my 5 yr old machine (I had a VERY good machine by 5-yrs-ago standard that is still quite decent by today’s standards, but my new machine is supposed to be one generation ahead… The “marginal improvement” is hardly acceptable usually… but I will be happy if it just even performs up to old machine’s standard…)


I feel your pain. :wink:

Not sure what the thing regarding the assassin is…

Try the newest update for the and see?

Interesting. Turns out stonehearth.smod has the generation data for the arctic biome, but it hasn’t been split it into its own file yet. So my mod is trying to mixinto a file that isn’t there yet. Sort of makes sense since the Arctic Biome is not fully implemented yet, but at the same time, the pdf they put out told us that the format changed.

I’m not sure if I should bother to “fix” this, since it should eventually be correct and it doesn’t actually break anything right now. :confused:

They simple didn’t bother changing it, as that biome just has a color swap right now and is barely functional.
(It would be interesting when they release, if it comes as a new mod, like they did with Rayya’s, so people could have a reference do create other biomes)

Right now, don’t worry, you can fix, but it is doing nothing, the game is just informing through the log that it fails in something, but that doesn’t cause lag or any other errors.

Hello applemason
i think that the reason of you issue is graphics card…

i Have
Windows 10 pro
i-7 6700k 4ghz
16gb ram 2133 ddr4
GF 1070 msi 8gb

and game works fluently with 40+ ppl in game.

check the graphics lights, shadows thats making my computer die with 5 lights on.

Thats weird. Im using Laptop with Windows 10. No suttering here. Works properly…

I fixed my stuttering and slowness problems. I was installing a new mechanical drive and decided to just place all of my steam games together on it. After they were all installed and I had gotten my SH saved games, objects, and mods put back in everything runs fine now. Before I had my steam games split between two drives. I don’t understand how that could effect anything, but steam warned against it.

Thanks for all the input.

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Glad you got it working!