Frostfeast 2016! moar frost, moar feast


Indeed! @ayazar did the initial graphics API updates, @morgan10e playtested and helped fix random bugs, and @malley updated animations that were broken in the most recent update. And of course @Froggy came through with the original animation files for Malley to fix.

Still, ultimately, these fixes are nothing compared to the work @RepeatPan and @Froggy put into the mod in the first place!


Yay frostfeast :smile:

Small note for those having their game crash after the Achernar (the cultist guy) dialogue: Open the frostfeast.smod (changing name to .zip, then opening) and remove the following lines from


 "animation_table": "file(/data/rigs/cultists/camp_pieces/monument/monument.json)"

 "effect_list": {
     "default": "file(/data/rigs/cultists/camp_pieces/monument/effects/idle.json)"

and frostfeast\entities\monsters\cultists\pillar\pillar.json:

 "animation_table": "file(/data/rigs/cultists/camp_pieces/pillar/pillar.json)"

 "effect_list": {
     "default": "file(/data/rigs/cultists/camp_pieces/pillar/effects/idle.json)"

This disables the non-functional animation and effects (no nice looking things), but prevents the game from directly crashing to desktop.


Are you able to reproduce this crash consistently? I haven’t been able to get it to happen on release 771 (which has been on the unstable/latest branch this past week).


Well, I did get the crash just a couple of days ago, using the a23r771 unstable version, and it crashed in that exact spot.


Without the abovementioned changes it crashed consistently on the cultist pillars and cultist monument (both when spawning their camp (happening around 4000 wealth, goblins already spawned) and when trying to place with debugtools (crash as soon as selected from list)). I’m indeed using the newest unstable (771).


Hmm, still can’t get it to happen. Can you have stonehearth.log and a crash.dmp?


Well that hurt a little bit…


crash.dmp (179.5 KB)

I don’t have stonehearth.log available anymore, since it got overwritten, but hopefully this crash.dmp is usefull.

Yeah, exchanging the probably nice looking animations and effects for static, unanimated, pillars and monument is a bit off a letdown, but playing this fantastic mod, even with less visual effects, is great anyway.


Here is my crash.dmp, but I’m not sure where to find the stonehearth.log.

crash.dmp (152.8 KB)


I’m also consistently getting the same error and crash to desktop. Here is my log file. I’m afraid I cant find the crash.dmp but will upload it if someone can point me in the right direction.

Id just like to say how much I appreciate the work that everyone has put into this lovely game over the years! Frostfeast is my absolute favourite time to play, and I really hope that you will incorporate its mechanics into the final game.

stonehearth.log (55.2 KB)


Got to tell you that I absolutely laughed with joy the first time that I saw the fireplace chimneys grow up through the roof of a building. I absolutely love all the lighting effects, the gorgeous growing trees, the recipes and the extra mechanics. In fact I just love Frostfeast :smiley: Thank you and Froggy so much for making it!


Thank you for this Tim1! Please could you tell me how to change the file back to an smod after making the changes? I changed to zip, extracted, saved both files but then cant get the mod to run at all. Sorry if this is a totally numpty question!


Just zip it as normal and rename to .smod.


This, also make sure that when you delete a {, the corresponding } is also deleted, otherwise the mod will not load/give errors.

Another option is to completely extract the zip and just place it as a folder in your mod folder (make sure it is just a folder, with the files in it, not a floder inside a folder with the files in it)


Had to go with the unzipped solution due to Windows 10 being particularly unhelpful, but its fine now.

Thank you so much for saving Frostfeast :smiley:


I heard there was an update to Forstfeast, but i don’t see any updated links??? where is the update? or is that all lies? ;w;!


a few post above you there is a link from max99x


OOOH i was looking up at the top original post lmao. thanks!


but but that’s for A23, what about A22.5+? why no update for that? ;w;


To my understanding, it works with 22.5. But seeing I’ve been on a23, someone else would have to confirm

-edit- My mistake, apparently it does not. Sorry about that >.>