Friend keep Disconnecting

My friend is trying to connect to the Server (With mods) and as soon as he is on the connected list he gets disconnected

If it is one of the mods please tell me.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make Server with mods
  2. Let Friend Join
  3. Friend gets Disconnected

Expected Results:
Friend can join normaly
Actual Results:
Friend gets Disconnected
The Server is Moded
Map is set to Large with Extra Map Options mod
Version Number and Mods in use:
(Early Game) COMMUNE [Vanilla]
ACE Armours
Autoharvest Mod
Ballista Turret
Beam - Hearthling Stats Customization
Better Storage
Bigger Backpacks
Build me a street (Tier 1)
Dani’s Core Mod
Extra Map Options
Fusher Job + Archipelago Biome
Glowy Windows
Gome sweet home
La Cordeliere
MBS Training
Merchant Guild “Door at roof”
Miner Profession
Nikki’s Inn
Piles Plus
Plushie Set
Primitive Armory
Riallwood - Walls and Defences
Settlement Decor
Tier 1 Buildings
Smart Crafter
Stone Walls and Towers
Tavern “Prancing Pony”
The Hunter
Town Center “Little Palace”
[ACE Mod] Composting
[ACE] TMD - Tier 1 Buildings
[ACE] TMD - Tier 2 Buildings
[ACE] TMD - Tier 3 Buildings
System Information:
My firends setup

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 6050 Ti
AMD FX™-6100 Six-Core Processor
16 GB Ram

I don’t know if they’re the ones causing the issue - probably not - but it must be said anyway:

Some mods from this list are incompatible with ACE (and some other mods) and are known to break games and cause errors. They are:

  • Better Storage
  • Piles Plus
  • Smart Crafter

Please remove these when/if using ACE :merry:

As for your error, my guess is that it is a timeout due to huge loading. Unfortunately Stonehearth has some inherent performance issues that no one can do much about anymore, and it causes heavily modded games or games that are on advanced stages (lots of hearthlings, entities, etc…) to fail to load or take a long time to load. Due to how multiplayer was made to work, if that happens when connecting to a multiplayer game, after a while the server “understands” that the client is hanging for too long and thinks they disconnected/timed out, so the client gets kicked out for “inactivity”.

I’d recommend never using “Large maps” from the Extra Map Options - the space of normal maps is already quite large, 99% of the players won’t even use half of it anyway - so even the small map can be a good choice for a lot of people. Having larger maps will only make the performance issues appear sooner and more intensely due to the map having a lot more entities (trees, plants, etc…) and a lot larger potential distances for the pathfinder to try and calculate paths.

If you’re in the ACE Discord Server, we have a FAQ with lots of interesting tips and advice on how to make the game run the smoothest and to “delay” performance issues as much as you can, but in the end there’s nothing else that can be done, unfortunately.

Ah, connection speed counts a lot too, so if your friend is not physically close to you (ie: different continents) that already adds a huge strain to the load.

So, in summary my advice would be:

  • Remove the mods that are broken/incompatible
  • Try making a new game on a smaller world like normal size (or even small) and see if it works!

We tryed but it didn’t work out as wanted we are going to have a look at the ACE Discord FAQ

In the FAQ are no awnsers guess we just have to sort out some mods