Multiplayer Disconnect-Freeze

Playing Multiplayer with a friend when suddenly, friend is disconnected, host game acts as if it’s paused but things cannot be started, undone, or meaningfully interacted with. Attempts to open menus work, but you cannot:
Queue crafting tasks
Start or Stop buildings
Relocate Items
Allow Multiplayer to turn back on
Force disconnect other connected players.

Game still says my friend is connected, but that multiplayer is turned off, and now I’ve been stuck in the ‘Saving…’ screen for 5 minutes. (Game did eventually save and allow me to exit to the main menu, but it still happened and took way too long.)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load game. Either new multiplayer or Existing.
  2. Have friend join you
  3. Play for roughly 2 minutes, attempt to move resources or build.

Expected Results:
You play the game with your friend and have a good time.

Actual Results:
The universe is upset you wanted to play multiplayer. Friend disconnects, You try to save the game for 6 minutes, you can’t do anything outside of menu interaction; Game is effectively frozen-functional.
Game is modded.

**Version Number and Mods in use:**

ACE pre-release 0.9 (Stonehearth 1.1 I believe? Latest stable version). Mods: Box Command Tool, Better Storage, LostEms, Smart Crafter (Turned OFF Candledark and Frost Feast. Northern Alliance and Rayya’s children are still turned on.)
System Information:

You should disable Box Command Tool and Smart Crafter, as those are fully implemented in ACE. Not sure if that’s the cause of your issues though.

After you uninstall those two mods, what color mostly represents your Lag Meter in the lower right, when the freezing starts? (if it keeps happening after removing the mods)