Multiplayer lags

So, im replaying Stonehearth in multiplayer with a friend and we have a terrible problem, a terrible lag that make the game freeze like, in sending package, i have when he’s the host a very high ping ( Like 2000MS ), when we pause the game and wait, and unpause the lag dissapear but reapear later.

I’ve experienced a crash when im trying to build or doing something, the package lag i think make the game like a stop-motion… And my friend have not the problem when he’s host, and when im the host i don’t have this problem. Like every 2S the game refresh and my people are moving …

I don’t have FPS problems.

Sorry for the bad english.

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Could be that you don´t have enough bandwidth for the required upload speed. Sometimes this game uploads over 4mbps which is quiet insane normaly for other games but this game behaves weird probably because the Multiplayer feature was kinda rushed so we would atleast have it :slight_smile: what you can potentially do is to stop any music or videos playing if you have them in the background since they all will affect the max upload speed ect :slight_smile:

Also i heard that games can benefit from not doing any auto saves and instead do manual saves and make sure to pause the game before saving to maintain performance/sync. Also are you both located in same part of the world ?

I live in the Reunion island, my friend is in France.

I have the fiber, and im playing with Steam, Stonehearth and Discord only, i see that on my task manager.

I can’t play, when i connect to my friend the game immediately crash…

As seen in your picture it looks like your internet is not very stable 200ms with fiber is insane high. Fiber often is between 2-10ms even i with 4G has 19ms. So if this is your normal 200ms i would think something with your internet is not stable. Its fast download but very high latency = lag




The Biggest Problem is the Upload of the Game … it is huge in stead of other Games.

7.7MBit/s with 19 Heathlings (Host) 10 (Player 2) 20 (Player 3)

And we have less than 10 FPS

I hope ACE will Change something in the future

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Hm… we have a similar issue and thought the same. would be nice to know that it is a problem with the game that can be solved.

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and your friend is in france… french internet is notoriously crappy vs the rest of the world (as a dutch person im close to frenchies and its ALWAYS laggy AF playing with them)

Wouter_Sikkema you are good in Modding can you do something against this problem ?

It’s stable, i’m living in a isle, with the distance, it is normal that it is high.

Stonehearth multiplayer is for sure not an optimized experience in many ways but atleast it exists i guess :smiley: but i have also seen really weird high uploads when playing together and then restarting decreases it again. I think your main issues is distance, games multiplayer + your ping is very high already to speedtest :frowning:

and if one of you had 200ms and the other has 8ms it will still be the same latency no mater who hosts the game so it wont decrease if he host with 8ms ping since your connections still has to connect.

In many other games it probably would had worked to play together but Stonehearth is Stonehearth not everything is normal behaviour here :smiley: desyncs ect

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I want to try to play with my friend on a very very tiny world … i would say what will happens ^^

Arklydh the world sice mayby helps but we Play on a small map too but Same Problem the Upload become to messy. And the Game lag increses with any Heahtling animal or plant on the map.

The only thing we can do is to hope that a good Modder comes and fix multiplayer part.

Ping is not a huge factor for Stonehearth, but upload speed definitely is. When playing multiplayer, whoever has the highest upload speed should be the host.

Smaller maps and fewer objects help. Mods can have major performance impact on multiplayer, so check if you experience the same performance issues with no mods.

Off the top of my head, probably the most expensive part is using the building editor with large buildings (especially ones with many individual blocks rather than standard walls/rooms) because every time you use a building tool, the preview is sent over to the other players. One could in theory make a mod that turns off multiplayer building preview (or other expensive features), perhaps as an option, to remove this bottleneck.

also, for some reason, rain seems to hit multiplayer (even with my recent change to it)
does the game try to sync particles between host and other players? because that would explain a thing or two.

No. That would be insane.

its kinda why i asked… :slight_smile:
i mean the game syncs stupendous ammounts of stuff, it has to come from somewhere…

There’s literally zero difference in network synced data between rain and sunshine. For snow there’s a tiny (several bytes/tick) difference due to updating snow cover amount, but there’s absolutely nothing about rain itself that affects the network in any way. Higher order effects of rain (e.g. people getting wet debuffs starting potentially expensive shelter seeking actions in ACE, etc.) may affect performance, but the weather system itself does not.

check. just found it noticable that as soon as rain went away the game had a noticable improvement in gameplay speed when the rain went off. though ofc it might be the being wet thing or something.