Game Crash issues.. help?

Hello all, I play Stonehearth on my Mac and I have the ACE mod installed and everything was working just fine. I do have a few mods from the workshop on steam. Everything was working fine until recently… I can open the title screen no problem, go to character selection, pick where to settle, and the starting game mode. but once it gets to the load screen and reaches 100%… it crashes and brings me back to the desktop. I really have no idea where to start to even try and fix this considering it worked just fine for a long time.

here is my current build…
Stonehearth: macOS 1.1.0 (release 1000) x64 build

What mods?

I’m having this same problem and I’m also playing on a mac because I don’t have a pc of my own yet. I have the ACE, Combat Dash, ACE Armours, Kingdom: Elves of Veloren [ACE compatible], Beam - Hearthling Stats Customization, More Combat Animations (vanilla and or ACE), [ACE Mod] Composting, Trapper+, Trapper+ Taxidermy, Beast Pets, Primitive Armory, Nordlingmod [Kingdom] [ACE+Vanilla], Glassworks, Dani’s Core Mod, Smart Crafter, Extra Map Options, Fish Job + Archipelago Biome, Swamp Biome + Firefly Clan + Beast Tamer, Crafter training manuals!, and Space Magic. I put all the names the way they were spelt out for it. If there is a problem with one of these I would like to know and if it is only a problem with one of these I want to add some more mods such as one that adds decorative things and one that adds more hairstyles and stuff which I would like to know which I should use.

Honestly I want a lot more mods but I only want them if they are compatible and won’t cause my game to randomly crash and allow me to play the game with np. I want mods that just add more to the game like more jobs and more creatures or decoration or even just new clothing and weapons and traits. I was looking at the one that adds like 9 traits that if a hearthling has one it will change their appearance in some way.

Add ace armours core
Remove smart crafter it is a part of ace
Elves requires mod repairer to work
trapper+ and glassworks may also not be updated but should not cause a crash

That new mod you want to add sounds like KaiMonkey’s Traits, which I can confirm works just fine with BEAM and ACE.

as @nightlancer points out, you do have some out-of-date mods in that list; and if you’re missing the ACE armours core then that will definitely cause a crash. Glassworks in my experience does cause errors with ACE although I’m not sure if they’re bad enough to cause crashing; but any mod which requires Mod Repairer (e.g. Elves of Veloren) will probably also cause crashes unless you use the mod repairer with them.

You should definitely try to find a crash report; that will directly point you at where/why the game is crashing and help you* figure out a solution.

*or at least help us help you :merry:

As for some other decoration mods you might like to use, I absolutely recommend Home Sweet Home, Lost’Ems, Settlement Decor, and Signery – all four play nicely with ACE and the other mods I use; and offer many little details that really bring the town together. One of them (I forget whether it’s HSH or SD) adds a gardener job, and Signery gives you tons of signs to mark your town with; but if you only pick one of those four mods then I cannot recommend Lost’Ems highly enough! Some of the items it adds fit so well that I constantly forget they come from the mod.

A final note: adding lots of mods makes it much harder for your computer to load the game, so you may want to be cautious about over-loading your computer – especially if many of the mods add similar/duplicate content.

Thank you I’ll look into finding the crash report