Mods compatible with ACE


I’ve been checking out this game for a while and finally decided to give it a chance after discovering the modding community here.

As I am a new player, I can’t seem to figure out which mods work with the current ACE mod? (pardon me, if it’s a stupid question). I mean, the game loads up everything nicely while the loading bar says “conflicting ACE”. The only mod that seems to have some kind of a conflict on my end, is ACE Composting, because it screws up my modding panel (e.g. no mods show up, totally blank).

In the end, I just would like to know, with what mods do you play the latest ACE?

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Composting,Trapper+, archipelago, extra map options, and many more
Do not use better storage or any mods that have not been updated since january 2018

Which of these do not work with ACE? Any idea why Composting mod doesn’t work for me (mod list empty bug)?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi :merry: Welcome to the Stonehearth community :jubilant:

Remove the "(1.1)" from the file name (leave it just "ace_composting.smod") and it should work!

As for compatibility, ACE Discord has a list of compatbile mods! It’s very handy! You can join it here, if you’re not there already:


That’s just an in-joke from the ACE team; it’s not a real error message/conflict – if you have one of those, it will either cause an error before you even get to the loading screen, or once you finish loading and get into the game proper. Error messages look very different from the loading screen, you’ll know one if you see one (although hopefully you won’t!)

The list in the ACE discord is definitely the best place to look for compatible mods; if you’re using the Steam workshop then any mods there should clearly state if they’re compatible with ACE or not.