Found multiple bugs in game. [Youtube]

First of all, I Love the game!

a list of bugs i found. you might allready know them but better report twice as not at all.

  • Floating helmet
  • Using multiple walls in a build will break it and you can’t delete it anymore aswell. [found a fix. restart computer, restarting the game only didn’t do it for me]
  • Loot on ladders can’t be picked up.
  • HUGE pathfinding bug. (a way to play without any attacks because of the bug/exploit)
  • Party sytem gives lua errors (not in this video)

Thanks for reading and i hope it helps. Sorry if you guys knew the bugs allready, just wanted to help.

hey there @NightDuty … welcome aboard! :smile:

thanks for the report (and associated video)… I believe most (if not all) of these have been reported previously, but the confirmations are appreciated! :+1: