Fornjotr - Models mod R004

um, lets not start a fight here

glowing objects are pretty cheap, they don’t have to be bringt as the sun or cast shadows, they can be beautiful without being so graphically intense

they don’t need to have a distinct purpouse or a special meaning, fireflies provoke the feeling of a cozy and mysterious forest or lake or whatnot, a meaning of a animal being ‘expectable’ is, yes, boring, but at the same time, it is a necessity, a person in need of a particular animal, should be able to find said animal where they expect to see them, and some may not go to an extent to go
"hm, bears live in swamps, how interesting"
and just go
"OMG, Bears living in swamps? GOD, thees Devs put no effort in research!!!"

and there’s the problem of population, by logic, most animals have a variant of them living in a more distant and different environment, but to accomodate for that is to make every animal that lives in a type of environment in every variation of that place, but that’s too many, having a specialized location for a animal is good to keep the player organized because they don’t have to remember all the variations of habitat, and there’d be way too many animals living in the area

it’s like how you can’t accommodate for every species of animal in the amazon, because there’s way too many, it’s important to make sure you have the minimum amount of pieces to convey the environment, because you cannot make a carbon-copy of a place, you make a caricature of it, and you make extra if you have the time and resources to do so, because such small things are much less impactful compared to others

fireFlies are a great example because they convey coziness, mystery, and fantasy, and they aren’t even real mobs, you can’t even click them, but they convey a story, and that’s what matters

animals that are out of the ordinary biome are exiting and informative, but too much information is a burden, and confusion is something to avoid, you make a caricature, a story and a feeling, not an entire world


I would love to see a list of creatures and plants that you guys think would fit into the swamp biome, then the stuff that fits well with the majority should be focused on in my opinion.
The bear is certainly making a name for it self already haha, but lets keep that out of the list for the moment?

Why should THAT be an attempt to start a fight? O.o He made a pervert joke so I didn’t know if it’s OK because here could be children

Hm jeah I guess you’re right

You can make fireflies without having them as entities? Okay I didn’t know that sorry

Uhm, I didn’t mean anything more than you imagined… It is common in games for snakes to be big, else there is not much of a treat…

Here a video of the fireflies. They need a lot of tuning, because I messed it all while testing.


they look super cool!
I imagine that a big snake would be easy to model and animate? At least as long as it stays on the ground :jubilant:

I think its harder than modelling other things because you model the snake so good that it looks like it would be easy to model it ^^

Btw these fireflies look really good. Don’t know how, but…

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I just noticed that I actually had made a flower for the biome, but it is so bad hahaha, here:

I think the flowers I was trying to make for the archipelago fits more in the swamp, this two:
(The idea was to have a hybrid of brightbell and frostsnap, but later I decided that it was ok to have those two plants in the islands.)

It will need a little work in the colors though.


i like them! do you have any pictures of the swampbiome… or maybe any sketches on how you envisioned it to begin with? What would be needed of models for it? anything special that would help you in the work with that biome? :merry:

TAG: @Chabonit.

When goblins fill up the mind… werent there someone that made a mod with a painterclass?
painting_goblin_iconic.qb (4.0 KB)
painting_goblin.qb (488.3 KB)


The brown dots under his eyes look like evedrops o.o Is this what you wanted?

This thread is giving me so much life right now lol. :jubilant: I feel like @Fornjotr fern would fit perfectly in a swamp setting. Those fireflies Bruno has are great. So animal wise maybe snakes, turtles, lizards, frogs, gators, maybe a heron type bird. I’m sensing an influx of snakeskin furniture on the horizon lol. If you’re looking for a new race of monsters for the swamp maybe go with lizardfolk or some kind of mutant bird folks like the Skeksis from The Dark Crystal.

EDIT: OMG I just saw [MOD] Ballista turret - updated Jan/15/2017 [1K Downloads Yay!] @Hyrule_Symbol has some amazing Sylph models that could probably get some claws, bird feet, and color changed to look like harpies! With permission of course lol.

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hm… (looks into old posts)

yeah, pretty sure i made them a while ago


Haha, I should’ve known. I just have to say the amount of detail you put into animating your models down to the bobbing of the bun on the spider lady and the hair swinging so gracefully on your Sylph model is breath-taking and perfectly suited to the concept of each one.

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Great idea @Logo with those harpies as a playable race! That would be so freakin awesome!
But i sense that i am on uncertain ground with this swampbiome dream… It depends to much on other peoples work.
So as long as i cant create a biome with code and animate stuff and all the other stuff that needs to be done, i better focus on things i can do and that is making decorative models.
As you stated in another thread, the community is starving for content from the developers at the moment, but i am sure the wait will be worth it.
If anyone have any suggestions to a model they would like to see in my mod, please let me know and i will consider the suggestion. Thank you.

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Yeah I’m 100% positive the wait will be worth it! Some of the things they’re working on are major tasks so I totally understand the time.

Heh and I may have jumped the gun there a bit. I got excitable seeing Bruno and Hyrule posting and was like hmmm with Bruno’s mad biome skills, your adorable models and willingness to create more, and Hyrule’s help with animations things could get magical. :jubilant:

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Yes i agree with you on this, i kinda went into that zone myself yesterday, but unless Bruno and symbol share the vision, it will be to difficult at this point.

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  • fixed typos which broke blacksmith recipe list

cultist table shrine
play castle

sry that i have very low testing time these days.
So please test it and report errors and everything to me or fornjotr. I will try to solve the issues as fast as possible.

New download link, updated again and fixed an jsoan pathing problems
names and png should now show correctly


Bug report: missing description.

BTW, if the candles of Play Castle and Cultist Table Shrine and Woodstove can light in the night, it would be great. :wink:

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‘Nomnom Plant’ :grin:

Awesome name!


i met this cute bear today on my livestream :smiley: reminded me of some cartoon bear