Forge is not enough SH-ish

@Tom, a suggestion, the forge is nice but the roof… what is this smoothed thing!? Could it be more adapted to the overall model and more generally to your squared philosophy? Maybe like this:

EDIT: You can download the adaptation by @Wiese2007 and I here: Forge mod


I remember this being discussed when it was first being modeled. Did you just double up the voxels on the roof? It looks quite good!

Ps… Il me semble que madame déteste la rondeur! :stuck_out_tongue:


Whoop Whoop! Thats a Forge!

edit: @Beatrice can you upload the icon and the qbfiles (normal and iconic) - so that we can replace them manually? or replace the files in this mod and post it for all xD


Exact, a very simple change indeed!


This is totally nessesary, Toms forge indeed looks too smooth (and I am sure hed agree)!


huhu bea can you give us the files?

First time I’m using this sharing service so tell me if it’s ok; you should be able to get the qb file here:

I’ve also polished some colors and stuff here and there but that should not be visible (tiny details only).

A note concerning the qb, it should be ok but as I’m still using Magicavoxel which is not the ideal for SH, use it at your own risk.Or if you can, check the file in your favorite voxel editor to be sure all is ok.

Edit, just realized we can upload .qb via the forum! So test: forge.qb (226.9 KB)


And I’ve just tested it and as expected the export from MagicaVoxel isn’t ok, the model is offset on all axis… So do’nt download unless you know how to fix it!

i will look into this after work ^^ but you must change the position of the effect stonehearth\data\rigs\blacksmith_forge\effects\work.json

oh my wrong not the effect the forge … hmmm — later^^

Yep but also the animation must be broken… So carefull with this!

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ok i cant do it with my normal tools and i dont want to buy for this qubicle 2 ^^

Can I suggest somebody bring this up next stream with Tom? I feel like he’d possibly want to change the forge after seeing this

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you need to center it, i use voxel shop (also free) as was suggested/shown over here


cool this tool was also new for me ^^


try this i have quick replaced it - later i will try to make a new picture and a iconic tested and effects works also (12.6 KB)


@Wiese2007, tx mate, I’ll test it very soon! Concerning the iconic form, isn’t the existing one ok?

soo here is the new file with new iconic (needed two different tools to make this xD and the snapshot is not the best but for the first try ;)) (119.9 KB)

for your questions yes and no ^^ because of the different forgesizes and the removed bellow a new was better ^^

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Ok, tested the last one but you could not redo the animation of the bellows, right?

I havent test it :wink: and I think i have no Tools for the Animation xD

if the model was made in magica voxel then animation wont be possible, as that requires multiple matrices.

But i can Set the matrices with voxel or?