Food, Crops, Tools and Classes


Apples and other tree fruits like Peaches and Plums. Perhaps nuts and such like walnuts and pecans?

Animals drop raw meat instead of jerky. (Tanning/Drying racks needed.)

Pies sound good. Meat, Nut or Fruit pies? (Pumpkin or Apple pie sounds good.)

Popcorn sounds good. Other one-ingredient dishes like Roasted Turnips or something.

Wild Herbs perhaps? (For another class below…)


Gnarled Staff-Helps with wizardry and such. It’s pure wood.


Leatherworker class that uses a tanning rack that’s an upgrade from the weaver, perhaps?

Druid-Requires a Gnarled Staff and makes medicinal goods to help villagers, and can use some Earth-based magic to attack.

Despite the fact a lot of these ideas are trialed and true, I still agree with you. There isalready a class planned for herbs (was it alchemist or somethin?) And as for raw meats, I give you a link to an old article I have on it here:
Cooking meats and slaughtering sheep!

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