Floor Highlight Colors

Hi All…

I’ve noticed that when I’m in building/item placement/zoning mode, some buildings have their floor highlighted in red, and some houses have their floor shaded a dark grey/black, and others have a light grey/white shading. These colors disappear when I exit building/placement/zoning mode.

Do these colors mean anything? IE, does red indicate occupied, or more valuable, or “(un)finished”, etc… ?

Red means that something could be blocking you from building! If its a road or stockpile in the way, then it wont affect your guys from building! But if it is something like another house or object, than you hearthlings wont be able to build the scaffolding to build your walls!

Interesting, because this is showing up on finished buildings.

Once the building was finished, I added a road up to the front door; perhaps it is 1 square too close and is setting off the red coloring. All the same, I wouldn’t think it would apply to finished buildings.

ya I think its a bug.

I had the same thing happen to a finished house, where the shadow turned red after adding a windowbox.

Be careful when doing that, it’s possible that it causes the building to become unusable, I think :disappointed_relieved: