First Time Qubicles

I tried my hand at qubicle, these are some of my first creations. Please Enjoy.


Angel Statue


Special thanks to voxel_pirate.


That knight looks pretty cool! However, the miner… appears to be naked. The angel statue is also pretty cool, but may I suggest making the base slightly smaller?

i like the dirt/soot you have on the model… overall, nicely done… but the poor guy looks famished! they’re clearly working him too hard in the mines… :smile:

i like the posture the angel is assuming… :+1: the void for the face is throwing me off though…

i think this is my favorite, but all in all, a very strong showing for your first attempts!

Thanks, means a lot. Hopefully more on their way.

It does doesn’t it? I’ll fix it.

A+ for use of lighting effects. :thumbsup:

nice models, I like the knight

Nice models! Better then my first :stuck_out_tongue: i like the knight and the angel statue I would also like the miner but he’s naked… except for the boots great job! Maybe you can create a mod one day!



Miner, with pants :slight_smile:


i love your take on the helm… and if that’s a candle perched on top, you sir win 2 extra internet points… :smile:

Its based roughly on the diggerling, if you know what that is.