Finery Mod v5.6 Jul 22 [A24+] - On Steam Workshop


Sounds good! Sorry I never got around to posting screenshots, i started working on my own mod and lost track of time


No worries. Thanks for pointing it out. I’m starting to think it was something I had messed with (aka broken). It is fixed but I am updating a few more items before publishing. Should be pushed out on both Steam and Discourse a little later today.


Updated on both Steam and the link up top. Thanks to @Lostsouls46 for pointing out the issue which identified that the jagged cleaver never seemed (?) to drop. I added a mixinto to allow it to fall off the default goblin.


Hey again @stonemonkey , been awhile.
I started playing again and was adding the upright stone maul and ogo’s bonker trophies to my tavern when I noticed the items appear to be shifted to the left of where they’re supposed to be. I have a screenshot I will post when I get off work in a couple hours.
Also, I’ve never been able to place the trophies or trophy stands next to a wall, it seems they cant physically be placed there, is this intended? Like I said I will post a screenshot when I get home.


Here’s the screenshot I promised! Sorry its a day late :sweat_smile: