Fences for sheep (Long thought to include a topic subject and decided to make this Court)

Hello today I developed the game to livestock and was very surprised by some facts not just … well, the post will show all pictures

I think it is very unfair that the fence for animals 12x12 area, is almost 2 times full of a building with four windows and a door.

I hope that the developers will hear me

Thank you for your attention and ask tolerant of my “doodles”. :sweat_smile:


That’s because 1 wood log is necessary for the crafting of each fence.
But when used for construction, each log yields up to 60 blocks of the house.
This means that your house has somewhere between 781 and 840 blocks of wood :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems a little unbalanced, but:

  • solution: make buildings take more wood - and more logs - and now Hearthlings have to spend more time moving logs instead of building
  • solution: make the crafting recipe for fences give multiple fences - now there will probably always be leftover fences to deal with - and a lot of recipes probably need to be changed

Neither solution seems that great, and not fixing it is not great either.

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