Please add fences and gates to the build menu

The most boring thing I do nowdays is constructing and placing fences and gates for the animals. Would it not be sweet just to go into the building template menu and drop down a 10x10 premade fence and gate template?

I don’t see them in the custom build menu, so what I would like to see is them there so i can create my own templates… So when I start a new game I can just drop that “building” and the right amount of fences and gates gets queued up for my minions to construct :smiley:


I don’t know if furniture can be buildings on their own. or you need something else like wall/floor/slab. It would be nice that furniture can be grouped and placed as a template (so that your idea will work! putting fence pieces down for a large area is tedious), but I am not optimistic.

As a workaround for me currently, I just use slab to create a fence ‘building’ that can be built at one go, and use console/debug remove when I want to get rid of it.

This is my current fence. stepped so that the top is accessible from one side, and there is a 50-50 chance that no scaffolding will be needed when building it so it can be built faster than a 2-tall slab wall. Just drop a ladder from the top where you want to create a “doorway”

still, it is just a workaround. Hoping for easier way to place long stretch of fences.

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I’m also using this method time to time… It looks OK for a larger operation like you have going on. But I don’t like how it turn out when trying to cram it into a village. It gets very “blocky” if you have several 10x10 or something and separating them from each other.

Fence/gate is a structure, not a furniture :smiley: In real life that is. Here in Norway you actually need a agreement/permit from your neighbor/municipality depending on the type and size… so its definitely a structure and not a furniture :smiley:

lol. I totally agree with fence/gate’s classification. I was just mentioning how it is implemented in-game atm, which is why I think using fence alone may not work in a template (empty building?). I am guessing that building entity is tracked by connected floors/fundations/slabs/walls. If fence is allowed in building and placed on a building structure, then I think it can be saved (actually, I don’t understand why fence/gates are currently excluded). But i think if trying to place the fence/gate on bare ground, it would not be registered as part of a building.

Regardless that it will not solve the problem in opening post (which I also wish that it would be eventually), allowing fence/gate to be included in building designer will be very welcome.

oh yeah, while we are at it, why not include ladders as well (currently, ladders have to be manually installed after the building completes)

A bit of topic; why would you have ladders on the buildings? Fire escapes? :smiley: I only need ladders then the builders forget a blog of wood/stone on the roof and I want to fetch it for esthetic reasons :smiley: I always remove them afterwards and only happens now and then

I use then in mainly 3 areas:

  • ladders for areas which are too small for a full stair case.
  • ladders for accessing vertical array of storage containers.
  • access ladder for chimneys (I like to put stonehearths into my housing :slight_smile: )

and well… I’ll admit it, I tried to make bunk beds… didn’t turn out nice…

Bunk beds… gonna try that one :smiley:

well, may be of possible interest… :wink:

The double bunk bed works. (the hearthlings can climb into the upper bunk)


It’s possible to add fences and anything else that won’t show up in the building editor to a template:

  1. Design a floor as long as you want a section of fences to be in the building editor.
  2. Leave the building editor, go into the item placement menu (P, I believe).
  3. Place all the fences you want on top of the floor.

I think you can erase the floor and save or build just the fences.

won’t that create a building entity that cannot be accessed ever again? since there is no slab/structure?

But a workaround could be to add a slab, maybe decorative a fence “pillar”. That would allow the building to be selected (and deleted if necessary). Just recalled that it was how I made the double bunk bed above as a template, silly me… lol. Thanks for the suggestion!

I had to try it for real now.

It’s true it’s quite painful to select, but it turns out that it’s not altogether impossible.

But it works! :smile:

I like to add fenced gardens to the front of the houses I build, and I’d like being able to set up fenced yards to convey into pastures for chickens, pigs, and rabbits when building houses for farmers, cooks, and shepherds.

I thought of things like this to increase storage space but never for beds. Great idea, I love it! :heart_eyes:

Have fun, Kyth.