Fan-Made Stonehearth Story ~Tranquility~

And so the darkness and quiet solitude of night fell upon the Idyllic Village Of Mountain.

Everyone was quiet In their beds dreaming of flowers and tranquility and whatever else it is that people dream about , except one.

Old Man Pantor Umbro, The hardest Worker of the bunch,

He couldn’t get to sleep this night, For Pantor was not just any old man, but a very wise man. And a skilled architect, he had designed all the homes in this village, one by one, block by block, to the greatest of detail.

However, he had been tormented by nightmares recently, nightmares of the most horrible things, screams , fires, burning, and … worst of all… death.

The nightmares would have been of no worry to the old man, however the nightmares weren’t simply scary, as he had had many nightmares in his time, but these ones were different , they were about this village, his home… His lives work crumbling into dust.

The old man trembled at the thought of this, and he ate jerky to calm his nerves.

It was a golden age for the village, everyone had a home, homelessness was a thing of the past, the town had overcome the harshness of the world, and become a beacon of hope, spirituality and tranquillity.
The town was now not only a place of shelter, but a place of beauty.

The town had gardens, flowers and Tranquil Parks scattered about it.
The people here lived as if the world had never been harsh, as if they had the world at their fingertips. But this, this was an illusion.
Forces of darkness were rising around the world, unseen, hidden, and plotting, this tranquillity was not to last.

To Be Continued.


Tranquility Part 2: The Guard

Jess, a proactive member of the village guard woke up to hear the sound of rustling outside, like any good guard, she ran and grabbed her wooden sword. Ready to defend the village at a moments notice. However nothing had happened for years, so she was actually quite excited to feel the thrill of battle once more. Maybe a bit trigger happy as-well.

It was just a bunny and apparently it was stealing the villages food supply!

Jess didnt attack it.

Jess really couldn’t bring herself to attack a bunny, if she had a soft spot, it was for cute fluffy animals, and she really disliked the town trapper as-well.

Jess , in the back of her mind, wished it was a goblin or weresheep or something, but she knew, it had been years since the village last saw a goblin. Rumor has it that they were all killed by the Ascendancy during a war. (Praise Cid) But, a soldier can still wish, and rumors aren’t always true right?

Since Jess was already up, she decided to begin patrolling, just to make sure it was, only a bunny.
Passing By old man Pantor Umbro’s home, she noticed he was awake, “Curious…” she thought to herself, why was he up so late? She noted to ask him later.

She patrolled all night and never saw a thing, eventually people began waking up, and getting outside to enjoy the fire, apparently it was going to be a busy day. Even old Man Pantor was up and enjoying himself, I guess he is fine with no sleep then?

After a bit of breakfast, the sun began to rise, and old man pantor grabbed a few of the village workers. (He was basically the mayor of the village at this point, and why not, he had designed every building in town, even the parks, the people loved him.) And he pulled out some architect plans, he stated that they need to build a few more houses in town to “Accommodate future citizens”.
“Ha, old man Pantor, always the pre-planning type.” Jess thought to herself.

Old man Pantor had trained the workers of this village into what Jess thought was a better work force then the village guard. They instantly snapped to work, and began building the new house.

Jess kept patrolling, she passed by the local farm, and the farmers were hard at work harvesting and planting turnips. She didn’t want to disturb them, but she waved, and they waved back.

Jess remembered one of the farmers saying to her a week or so back that “We have enough food to survive three years, and a blight.” She didn’t doubt this for a second, heck, a day ago they had to expand the food stockpile again, because they ran out of room. It was the third time that week!

Jess continued patrolling until around mid afternoon, at which point she noted that the house had been basically completed. And people began settling down and relaxing, if there was one thing this village and its residents knew how to do, it was how to relax.

The rest of the day was pretty tranquil and boring, people sat down and talked. The only few people working were the carpenter, Jess, and her fellow guard, Alexis Bladeslasher, who was considered a hero in town for single handedly fighting off numerous goblins in the early days of the village.And who also claimed to have killed “A Weresheep” that she “Caught stealing food when everyone was asleep.” Jess was of course skeptical about this.Who ever heard of a Weresheep?

The only thing that happened of note was that a caravan came by, but for some reason old man Pantor turned it around. He had never done this before, and Jess found it Strange.

Jess confronted old man Pantor and asked him, kind of rudely “Why did you turn back that caravan?, What if they have rugs or supplies?” Pantor simply shook his head and went somewhere to be alone. Old man Pantor has been acting very strange lately. But Jess trusted his judgement. And tried to keep it from worrying her.But it did worry her, in fact it shook her to the bone…

Night began to fall, and everyone began to get ready for bed.

And so another day passed in the Tranquil Village of mountain.

To be Continued

(What do you guys think of my story so far?)


Ok guys, I wont stop doing it, but please, tell me if you want me to continue it.

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Like the story, I find with my videos a lot of people watch them from the forums; however don’t post on my threads anymore. If you are enjoying it you should continue people are probably enjoying it.


Nice, great format! I’d love to see 'em coming!

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