[Fan Fiction] The Invisible Princess - Part II

This thread is now outdated. Please, refer to The Invisible Princess - Complete Edition.


Wow, can’t believe I missed this. I’m really glad you are still “pumping” out fan fictions. Unfortunately I cannot read/give critique on your latest work for some time. I am about to embark on a cross country trip and will not have time to give it a full read through. When I get back (roughly 3-4 weeks) I will gladly tell you my thoughts.


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I wish you safe travels!! :slight_smile:

Ugh, the cliff hanger! I loved the story, nice unexpected story twist :slight_smile: (even if the non-existent fight with the lord was a little anti-climactic)

A very enjoyable read, thanks a lot!

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I’ll try my best to make part 3 not to end in a cliffhanger. :stuck_out_tongue: No promises, though.

Thank you for reading! I’m so glad you liked it. :smile: