Fallout Conversion

If you paint the skin pale colors (pale mint) you already have ghouls =P

I’ve been spending more time on assets this past week, so without further fan fair, I present:

Power Armor! (Plus Plasma Rifle!)

I initially didn’t want to work on this because I was sure it wouldn’t go well. The result turned out better than I had hoped. It is modeled after the Fallout 1 & 2 images, with a little supplementing from 3. Not 100% happy with the coloring, but changes ended up making it look worse. The armor is greener than I remembered in my head… The rifle will have a few rotations to the prongs in blender later, but it is pretty close to the end product.

Also began working on another stumbling block:


This is the first project I made mostly in blender (having made the peices in Qubicle). The default model was just too complicated to pose in Qubicle, all sorts of rotations and slants. It has a long way to go (shading, a few limbs need adjusting, etc) but overall I’m really happy with it. I didn’t think I could get it this close to a reasonable looking deathclaw. I used Fallout 2 as my source, back when they resembled “orange gorilla lizards” vs the bipedal demons of Fallout 3. You can just picture it ready to spring forward and swipe off your settler’s head :grin:. The side profile in darkness is spooky… wouldn’t want to see that over my village walls at night eh?

It stands around 1.5-2x villager size. It was an experiment in making a larger model but keeping it ‘blocky.’

I also updated the banner picture in the first post and added a general production timeline guide. Hope you enjoy!

Keep on modding!

Another side-by-side for fun :smile:


Nice idea and some very “lovely” models. This has for sure the potential for a very nice mod. Hope you will continue to share some insights and concepts.

i think this looks great, color scheme and all… the muted grays and greens blend well, and definitely come off as armor… the gun may be a bit “bright”, but i dont have a good picture of it in my head for reference…

wow, he looks intimidating… you managed to put in quite a bit of detail, while still managing to make it seem blocky in style… very nicely done… cant wait to see him animated! :+1:

again, continually impressed with your flair for presentation… love the new banner!! :smile:

/gush mode off


omg omg omg omg where do i sign?? what do you need me to do!! im in! i must see this happen

I think Mutants should be in, but probably at some point after the “Goblin incursion phase”. Mutants historically have serious fire power potentially, so this might be too much for a fledgling settlement that just has guys with typical Fallout guard level equipment.

Maybe if they were poorly armed for mutants initially? (Your typical HURR HURR sledgehammer/brass knuckles/big stick variety. Maybe the odd Flamer)

They could be a recurring thing. As you successfully killed them and expanded, more and better armed Mutants would show up to bother you.

I dunno, I think the body armour on the models looks a little off. Try making the models a bit taller or making them a bit bulkier, seeing as they are wearing power armour after all.

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@jollins Great! well right now there isn’t much to do other than making models. If you’re feeling adventerous and want to use Qubicle we could always use some reskined units :slight_smile:

@Krusk Yeah I agree. I’ve not formulated a full approach to the mobs yet, but I had invisioned creating a smaller “goblin” sized mutant that is a few steps below the super mutants. It would have to be visually distinct from ghouls (which I picture as slightly skinnier than humans). They’d function very similar to goblins, machetes instead of swords, probably keep axes, etc. Baseball bats and brass knuckles too of course :slight_smile: They’re not in original Fallout so I’m a bit torn, but the game does sort of need a variety of mobs at different difficulty levels.

@Zooka128 I know… the bulk of the armor was difficult. He’s actually about 3 blocks ‘bulkier’ than most the templates. It may not sound like a lot, but that is up a lot from the normal 7 (so I’ve increased his armor about 40% width and 40% depth). Much bigger and I run into all sorts of trouble - it won’t look right next to other units, it won’t match animations, it won’t fit mounts, etc. Practicality is keeping him trimmed at least for now. The advanced power armor is even bigger, oye!

Thanks for the complements everyone :slight_smile:

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MIDGET SUPER MUTANTS!!!, Joking anyway how about gangs of vicious little robots. Basically clap-trap with a knife or if thats not your taste you can have mongrel dogs that have survived/been mutated by the bombs. I have tons of ideas! from using little green aliens to having a bunch of orphans that after surviving the nuclear blast and been mutated a little for your goblins. The orphans can all have their own little backstories you can learn by either befriending them or after capturing their camp reading their diaries. The mongrel dogs can be used instead of wolves and the robots can be captured somehow and reprogrammed (but only if you have a settler with good enough skill)

Just a few Ideas (I have much more) that you might want to use

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oh, someone has to mod him into the game… if only the sound bytes could come as well… :+1:

Actually, if you remember Fallout 1 (and I assume you do) you have Super Mutants, and you have Super Mutants. Many of the initial ones you encounter are both poorly armed, and have much lower stats, skills, and HP than later ones. Like the ones you run into in Necropolis squatting on the water pump.

It’s really only the leader of that group who’s much like the standard, later mutants.

I think it’s justifiable in the sense that Super Mutants are simply an enhancement of people. Your more impressive people become tougher Mutants, and people who are kind of unimpressive, are wimpy (for Super Mutants).

You could also make the initial raids small and relatively unskilled even if they are physically similar to the “tough ones” with better equipment.

I also think that if when you initially encountered them, you had a lot of guns and they didn’t, that would make it relatively easier. Sure, if the Mutant bashes your guard in the head with a 4x4 he might mess him up, but if you play it smart, he gets filled full of holes and dies before that happens.

You encounter a village…

…(and collapse from exhaustion).

I started this two days ago and it just sort of ran away with itself. I wanted to try out a recreation of the types of houses found in places like Shady Sands (see here for Fallout screenshot - heads up it is big). But then of course it had to have a fence. And a garden. And a well. And a wheat farm…, 500 doo-dads later, the project is done.

Thank you(s) and acknowledgements:
@Miturion for the assistance with landscaping. I modified the trees some, I :heart: the color/shading from his village screens. Perhaps this village is what arose after he nuked his? I tried to use the color pallet of the ground, but it was just too “bright” for my town :frowning: The grey/brown I started with is taken from the Fallout screenshots. Also thank you for the well and crops and a few other parts too!
@voxel_pirate for the cow! :smile: The experiment was a success. I borrowed a page from your field medic and began assembling a few extra peices… Also thanks for all the base models I started with too.
@Froggy for all of the original villager models.

Hope I didn’t leave anyone out, just yell at me if I have.

One of the main things I liked about Fallouts 1 & 2 was the sort of quirky humor and lightheartedness in the game (which disappears in Fallout 3 and beyond, becoming a depressing survival horror :thumbsdown:). I do wish, however, that there was more “everyday life” and normalcy in Fallout, so the mod should definately keep that from the original Stonehearth build. You can sort of see that in the scene above.

I’m learning making ‘whole scenes’ helps to think of bits and pieces that should or would be needed in the game. I may have over crowded the place a bit, but oh well :smiley: The road is a bit too much in some places, but not worth me ripping it out and making it simpler just for this shot.

Reskinning the well:

Small changes here and there make things go a lot quicker. For example this well which originally came from @Miturion’s collection. It got a little nuked :slight_smile: The wood becomes metal, although there is a fair amount of wood in the old Fallout screenshots. Metal then rusts, etc.

There’s a new game called Godus coming out next week on early release, so I may update a little less frequently if it is any good. :thumbsup:

Here is the link to the huge version of my screen shot: Big town.


Pretty kool stuff man.

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there is so much awesome packed in that screenshot, that im finding it hard to pick out the specific pieces to comment on… bang-up job there @Roughshod! :+1:

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So much awesome in one place.

I love the Brahmin, I love the cactus, I love the blue colours on the trailer thing. It just looks awesome.

The one thing I’m really not sure on however, is the houses. I really don’t know if the colour is right? It looks a bit too pink for me? There needs to be some more browns in there, but then you don’t want it to blend with the floors I suppose … hmmm.

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That is an impressive village you made. I know the pain of feature-creeping the scene and you even have more features then me :blush:.
I like how you modified the trees.

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odd, i didnt notice that the first time, but now that you mention it, i cant help but notice! :smile:

i can see where he might have been going for a Santa Fe plaster/stucco/sand color, and the pinks just got away from him… i would agree though, a slight change to the palette might be in order…

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Very impressive scene. I know from experience just how much effort that must have took.

I tip my hat. :tophat::ok_hand:

My only critique is personally, I think your scale needs adjusting on some of your models.


I like the village too. The Brahmin might be a little fatter if I remember my Fallout models, but hey. For a prelim mockup, that’s great.

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Great work! The scene has a very own style and I could imagine that this conversion could provide a complete new experience. Keep on with your work.

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