Faith, mod idea

hi my name moondrixx and although i have been around the forums a little, i have not introduced my self to the community properly. im a friendly person who likes to help where he can, a streamer and moderator of many minecraft channels on twitch, a FTB helper to the FTB wiki team for small mods that need to be updated, I can use photoshop and blender with some competency and finally a titan name contributor to this game.
please dont take this as me trying to show off i’m simply listing areas i can help with if any of you guys need it.

any way on with the mod idea, i want to add faith in to the game, region basically, but from the perspective of the game, where you are the “god”, and your hearthlings worship you,

the point of this mod i not to relate to any earth based religion at all, the point is that you can decide how your religion is run. will you be a caring and loving god, with your be wrath full and rule through terror and fear, will you require the sacrificing of food and or animals? the idea is to add alot of options to the mod so as you could take it in any way, even to the extent that you could name your own “priests”.

the mod will add several classes a few of which are:
inquisitor(a ranged pistoleer type class using hand crossbows to start but maybe get in to pistols and other one handed ranged weapons)
priest(a holy magic guy, using a staff and maybe a book or scripture)
warrior(a holy knight, a deadly Templar, a duel swords man of faith, or maybe just some fanatic)
guardian(basically more of a paladin, protector of the weak, using shield and sword)
smith(a upgraded black smith who can craft the holy weapons of the faith)
keeper (commander and leader in every right, will you appoint one such over ruler, or a council of these deadly defenders?)

there are also plans for gathering and crafting classes to help with adding effects to all parts of the game, from beginning to end

anyway that’s my idea!
yours helpfully
moon :slight_smile:


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Isnt a inquisitor more like a hammer guy? And a exorcist a ranged one? (well in most cases :smile:) idea for a servant is are serf, baptist … lamb :grin:

i like the idea of a serf. or something like a holy scribe.

an inquisitor is an agent of the church, i always see them as witch hunters, or daemon hunters, but each to there own.
the plan is to use a referencing file so you can just change the names. and the smith is planned to have a giant hammer, so i had a hammer guy already. :slight_smile: